Fabrik 3.1 is now available

This release addresses compatibility issues with Joomla 3.2.2 - notably issues in the administration section, where saving lists etc was not possible due to a JavaScript error.


Fabrik 3.1rc2 out


Hot after the 3.1rc1 release we're happy to announce the next 3.1rc2 release. This specifically addresses several compatibility issues with Joomla 3.2. We now recommend using this release with Joomla 3.2.


Fabrik 3.1rc1 For Joomla 3.1 out!

As promised the latest release of Fabrik 3.1 is out, Fabrik 3.1rc1 is for Joomla 3.1 and 2.5. This is a major update from the last beta release with over 1000 commits from the largest team of contributors we have ever had for a single Fabrik release.

This is also a security release which fixes the same issue fixed in 3.0.9, where data could be visible when using specific views (raw/json) - disregarding the list's access control settings.

Most intro/out labels etc can be translated via Joomla's translation area.

A couple of key improvements that we've put in are:

Most editors which required code to be entered (PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL etc) are now rendered with the ace code editor, allowing for syntax checking, code collapsing, and syntax highlighting.

All elements now have a help button linking them directly to Fabrik's help wiki pages.

Rowids are no longer obligued to be numeric - we now accept strings or numbers

Download Fabrik 3.1rc1


Fabrik 3.0.9 Released

The Fabrik Team is pleased to announce that Fabrik 3.0.9 has been released.

Head over to our downloads page to download Fabrik 3.0.9

This version is for Joomla 2.5 ONLY, we will be releasing Fabrik 3.1rc later on this week which is for Joomla 3.x, so stay tuned for more news on that. This release is a security and bug fix release, read on to find out more about the release.....


Fabrik for real-world apps - The conference

There is an organizing group evaluating what the level of interest would be in a 3-day Fabrik Conference to be held initially in Keystone Resort in the Rocky Mountains near Denver Colorado some time in early November 2013.

The purpose is to get Fabrik power users together with each other and with Rob and Hugh to exchange experiences about using Fabrik for real-world apps. There would be one optional day for 'Fabrik 101' where Fabrik experts would teach technically-oriented noob's how to develop apps in Fabrik followed by 2 days of a main tent session, lots of workshops, presentations and birds of a feather sessions and a group dinner similar to the format of most tech conferences.


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