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New Profile Posts

  1. ngek
    Looking for help on importing a list via csv. I want to use the "label" not the id in the import. So "lastname,firstname" instead of "10".
  2. ephy
    ephy cheesegrits
    Dear cheesegrits,
    I'm wondering to know if this is possible to integrate elasticsearch as database connector, and jquery datatables in replacement of the traditionnal tables use in Fabrik. What do you think about it ?
    Thanks a lot,

  3. rosede
    Building a Quality Foundation for Filipino Students Using the Power of Technology.
  4. rochee89
    need time to learn about Fabrik
  5. bozukov
    bozukov nusilmar
    Hello, your video on SkyRun made with fabrik is amazing and outlines such a huge variety of features that you can cover. Do you have any plans on making the video tutorials or this series is dead?
  6. bggann
    bggann cheesegrits
    Hugh, FYI - just kicked off a 1 year subscription to pro support. - Bob
  7. JackGoa
    JackGoa tiagovareta
    I dropped my phone and accidentally deleted the message!!! xD
    Please send again.
  8. Steji
    Money talks. Unfortunately mine always said "Good bye!".
  9. fabrik1963
    Salvatore Consentino
  10. startpoint
    startpoint keianrad
    $time = '{app_clients___date_time}';
    ->set('date_time = ' . $myDb->quote($time))
    1. keianrad
      An error occurs:
      syntax error, unexpected '$time' (T_VARIABLE)
      Mar 10, 2017
  11. marcq
    marcq futuron
    Hi, Could you start something with the custom template examples I provided you, would be fine to have a feedback, Marc
  12. shaq
    shaq cheesegrits
    First of all, you will excuse me to interrupt you and you will excuse my english as french is my first language. I developped a web site with joomla with online app (fabrik 3.5.1).The web app I set up need an improvement. So I decided to request your help to make improvment happen. Am ready to pay whatever it takes because my job is on the line.
  13. sohopros
    sohopros cheesegrits
  14. automill
    automill enzo2016
    Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! you can send me the email directly on sunit.sharma@gmail.com as I am not very active on Fabrikar Forums. Thanks, Sunit
    1. enzo2016 likes this.
  15. amittripathi2k2
    amittripathi2k2 cheesegrits
    I have a site with fabrik. In this is a FIR form which has file upload element. With this form Now the FIR List has 38k entry and is 150gb on remote server. I am told to move to VPS but that has limitation of 40gb only. I need support in setting up Amazon s3 account which can replace all uploaded files with amazon s3 link.

    Please will let me know if this can be done and how much will this support cost?
  16. 987456123jw
    987456123jw automill
    Are you ready to propose solution for it?
    1. automill
      I need to understand what is your requirement?

      1- A brief about the project.
      2- Your Core requirements, which you want to handle by building an application.

      you can drop me email directly at: sunit.sharma@gmail.com

      Dec 17, 2016
  17. automill
    automill 987456123jw
    I can't post in professional forums due to limitation on my membership. But almost every thing you can build as aplication in fabrik in joomla. Thanks, Sunit.
  18. Roland
  19. bezouwenr
    bezouwenr PvN94
    Zag bij toeval dat je ook uit Nederland komt en ik zit met een Plugin vraagje
    Waar hij nu bij stopt :
    $query = $listModel->_buildQueryJoin($query);
    $query = $listModel->_buildQueryWhere(true, $query);
    heb je enig idee in welke richting het zoeken moet? Kan ze niet terug vinden in the Class tree Dankje Patrick voor het meedenken alvast, rob.van.bezouwen gmail_com
  20. redant
    redant cheesegrits
    Hi Hugh

    Do you offer hourly support without a subscription at all? I have come up against a project deadline and am struggling with a Google maps issue which I need some assistance with.

    If so please could you let me know how to get the requirements to you so that you can give me a cost estimate.

    Many thanks