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Jan 15, 2016
May 3, 2009
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San Diego, California
Founder of WMD Web Services

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Jan 15, 2016
    1. jamesolmstead
      Hi Andrew, I heard you fixed a problem regarding repeat groups and remove/add.
      I'mwriting a manual about buying research papers online and need on some help regarding that SVN. Can you please help me out to solve that ? I'm using mootools 1.3 version.
      Thanks in advance.
    2. black.be3
      Hi Andrew, how you fixed problem on your thread Repeat Groups and remove/add ? is it simply by updating javascript.js from SVN? please help..
      Cause i realized when using mootols 1.2, my custom template with popup lightbox link become error. No lightbox showed, instead it redirected full page of my link.

      Please Help..
    3. luisinho
      I try to do a new form template, can you help me please?
      Can you give me this file: tmpl_tabs_above.zip
      Thank you
    4. hotnuts21
      Cool thanks for update, im interested in the Air side of things, so will keep an eye out :)
    5. amilks
      FYI... I had this box checked in settings and that is why I could not be PMed.

      Receive Private Messages only from Contacts and Moderators

      "I was the un-PMable man!" :)
    6. amilks
      Hey hotnuts21,

      Yeah, I would make it available for install as soon as Packages become available in Fabrik. That is kinda a hangup right now. What I want to see is Rob's new subscription component using Fabrik. Seeing his system should help me finish my system which will include the quoting system in a complete billing application.
    7. hotnuts21
      Your visitor message says to PM you, but unfortunately you account is set to not receive private messages ;)

      I just wanted to say I love the Air app, and wondering if you had plans to turn it into an installable app as a proof of concept or to write a tutorial on how you did im sure there are a lot of people interested.

      Keep up the good work
    8. vsbiju
      Hi, I ma just new to here..could u pls tell me whether it is possible to change usreid or decide to display an alias instead of userid in posts?

    9. amilks
      Welcome to my profile. Please take a look around and feel free to PM me.

      Make sure you visit my NEW site at http://wmdwebservices.com
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    Home Page:
    San Diego, California
    Founder of WMD Web Services
    I am 24, I have 2 dogs, and I live in San Diego, CA!

    I have really enjoyed learning about Joomla over the past year. I also play Racquetball.



    -Andrew Milks


    Visit WMD's website! CLICK HERE

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