1. The 3.8 code for Fabrik is now available on github, in the 'master' branch. If you are familiar with updating Fabrik from github, we would appreciate it if you could test this code on J! 3.8 for us. Once we have some feedback, we'll build a 3.8 release.
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Aug 11, 2007
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Feb 27, 1963 (Age: 54)
Huntsville, AL
Whatever pays the bills.

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Sep 25, 2017 at 1:40 AM
    1. Klawans

      My question seems to be the same as "kooskoek" asked below. I'm not a computer guy and I'm unable to spend hours on the learning curve. I know what I want and need but need to hire someone to do it for me. I see you have "subscriptions" and requests for donations but I'm hoping I can have more individual service by hiring someone. Are you available? Do you know anyone who knows your product looking for work? Not very complicated I believe. Just designing professional forms, setting up relational database, etc.

      Thank You!

      Ken Klawans
    2. kooskoek
      Hi there are you guys available to help me with custom programming of database stuff, i know u guys are busy with this great program but i am batling to understand the very basics of mysql and php, If u are 2 busy i will understand, could you recommend someone that knows your program to help me, i am willing to pay for your services.

      Kind regards

      David Heunis
    3. Francesco
      Hi Hugh,

      I looked inside the last svn 1138 that you removed the code about the $ids variable.

      I decided to remove the joomla user account I have created for you.
      So do not consider my suggestions about the cascading elements.

      I'm designing my web application since november 2008 and I should have finish it for last Christmast. Now I'm 2 month late, so I decided to do it by myself, without fabrik.
      Moreover, my application is too much customized, and fabrik is not 100% suitable.

      Good luck with your great component!
      best regards (to Rob too)
      Francesco Polito
    4. sitebuildernow
      Hi, I am new and have a support subscription. I have a problem with the captcha plugin - I posted it under the plugins forum - should I have posted it under support forum?
    5. concep86
      sorry... when i posted here... i thought it would post to your im...I just sent an im request to you at hugh_mercury
    6. cheesegrits
      concep86 - I haven't seen any Yahoo IM's from you?

      -- hugh
    7. concep86
      cheesegrits(hugh)... I hope I am not inconveniencing you by following up via yahoo IM... I sent a private IM and follow up... and think my problem... is in the database... maybe... just trying to trouble shoot...

      but when I try ading a record from the admin side of Fabrik... no records are added to my formdata table...

      Your assistance is greatly appreciated.original post

    8. vbadmin
      OK, I fixed the issue with the Forum menu link. Schoolboy mistake, as Rob would say. Instead of setting the 'ordering' to be below Testimonials, I had set it to be a child of Testimonials.

      Also set the jump page for signal login to forums. May or may not keep it that way, I'll see how Rob feels about it.

      -- hugh
    9. vbadmin
      Hmmm, there should be a Forums link in the same old place. I'll check now.

      Will also do some more testing of the bridge.

      BTW, can you confirm something I'm seeing, which is that in IE, the profile tabs aren't showing?

      -- hugh

      -- hugh
    10. terp
      Any way to have the signal login on the mothership (fabrikar.com) auto redirect over to here? ...didn't see a link to the forums over there anymore, so had to dig through my trash to get over here tonight. :)

      ...and the bridge is working for everyon but me? Still no dice.
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    Feb 27, 1963 (Age: 54)
    Huntsville, AL
    Whatever pays the bills.
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