1. Hugh (cheesegrits) here. Thank you for all the good wishes. My back surgery was a success, post-op recovery is going well, and I'm getting stronger and feeling better every day. I hope to be getting back in the saddle and working support again over the next few days.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE - we have made some changes in our github branch naming. The 'master' branch no longer exists, and is now called 'joomla25' (which is Fabrik 3.0). The 'joomla3' branch (which is Fabrik 3.2) remains unchanged. We have also removed all the other testing branches which had accuulated over the last few years. I have posted a thread in the Community forum for 3.0 with some more information, feel free to as questions there.
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Feb 21, 2013
    1. rinkelzz
      I've tried to post in the forum but unfortunately was not the ...
      Maybe it's because my english is not the best.
      I have a little problem when I leave my form sent by mail, he shows at all drop-down menus, one point ahead tuned ...
      I think it's a bullet. I would like but that it indicates this is normal.
      Where can I change this? I've already created its own form of email (template).
      Can you help me??
      Greetings Tim Rinkel
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