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BUG: usekey selecting column from a different list

Discussion in 'Community' started by aijosh, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. aijosh

    aijosh Member

    Level: Community
    There is a bug in the content plugin.
    Following the instructions here http://fabrikar.com/forums/index.php?wiki/content-plugin/#searching-for-form-records-to-edit

    {fabrik view=form id=1 usekey=user rowid=62}

    I was trying to load a form.

    If I use, usekey=columnname Fabrik tries to load a column from a totally unrelated table and throws and error

    Unknown column 'falsetable.columnname' in 'where clause'

    If I use an unexisting column name like
    Fabrik throws an error
    Unknown column 'CORRECTtable.nonsensecolumnname' in 'where clause'
  2. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Community
    is this on your site with multiple lists and forms?

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  3. aijosh

    aijosh Member

    Level: Community
    hmmm... I was going to say no, that this page has only this form but I realized I have this account icon that is meant to be on all pages.
    upload_2019-1-12_17-16-19.png The image is a fabrik list (without joins) but its the table displayed in the error.

    So sadly, I do have another list on the page.

    The reason why I decided to create a Menu item for this page is because clicking the edit link in the Fabrik list module throws "We cannot find this record" error to the user after the record has loaded. The record still loads correctly but the annoying error is there. I removed all other fabrik list or form from the page. I still get the error. Even though the record loads.
    I've suppressed ACL&success messages. The error wont leave.

    Found out creating a menu item doesn't throw this error so I decided to create one for every of the rows.
    Only one of the rows load correctly using -1 as the user id so I have to add some extra query to produce the rest.

    So I tried to create Fabrik Form Menu items but the Extra Query portion was not working (I was getting the same column errors).

    So I tried using a joomla article as the menu item then adding a form in the article using content plugin (same type of column errors)

    I'm now down to content plugin in custom detail view template.
    Just wished I didn't have to be going round these circles.

    My ISP is has been down for hours now and I'm on mobile so I cant really test with the user account icon disabled.

    I'll do that as soon as I get a useable connection.

    I'm guessing the usekey and Extra Query on the Menu item wont work on pages that have other fabrik stuff on it?

    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  4. aijosh

    aijosh Member

    Level: Community
    Ok. so I found the guy causing the stoooopid error.

    It was actually that icon.

    The error appears on detail views belong to the same list. I guess the detail views dont have the clear filter settings to prevent this behavior like the modules have.... or whatever.

    I just did another stoooopid custom list template:eek: (using the country table cos using the user table still throws the error) and manually called the database for the image.

    Is there a Fabrik built-in way for me to just do a php in the module itself without having to install another extension. Or using JCE?

    I really am skeptical about allowing php where there is a possibility of users getting to it since they have access to the same JCE forms.

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