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Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by rali, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. rali New Member

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    Is there a way to call a menu from within an article content i.e. use a placeholder or a php code within in article that when executed behaves like if a specific menu has been clicked

    joomla 2.5.4
    fabrik 3.5.x

    Thanks in advance
  2. rob Administrator

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    Not entirely sure what you want here, but menu items are referenced by their Itemid

    so 'index.php?Itemid=1'

    will load your first menu item

    does that help?
  3. rali New Member

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    Thanks Rob for your reply.

    As you know we can call a form from within an article e.g {fabrik view=form id=x}. Is there a similar way for menus?

    I have an custom HTML module containing some PHP coding and I want at the end of this coding to trigger a menu dynamically. Is there a way to do this.

    Yes the link to the menu is 'index.php?Itemid=1' but how to execute it by coding; can we put it in a placeholder?

  4. rob Administrator

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    what do you mean to trigger a menu dynamically?
  5. rali New Member

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    We generally click on a menu title to make it active (to trigger to menu); I want this to happen by coding. When a given code is executed a specific menu become active.
    for example I tried this placeholder but it does not do it
    {fabrik view=menu Itemid=1}
  6. jfquestiaux Well-Known Member

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    It is still very unclear what you want to achieve!
    Can you give a detailed example of what you try to do?
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  7. cheesegrits Support Gopher

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    Are you trying to actually open another page from your code? Like, a redirect?

    -- hugh
  8. rali New Member

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    Hi Hugh

    Yes, but to my understanding redirect cannot be used here?
  9. rali New Member

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    kindly bumps
  10. jfquestiaux Well-Known Member

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    As long as you don't explain exactly want you are trying to do, nobody can help you...
  11. rali New Member

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    the question is clear!!!!

    Please jfquestiaux before replying read previous messages, it was clear that Hugh understood my question
  12. troester Well-Known Member

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    It's really not clear what you want to do.

    Where is the connection from 'opening a menu link in an article' to fabrik if you are running php code in a custom HTML module? You can "echo" a link with your PHP code.

    Fabrik content plugin ({fabrik...) displays fabrik stuff.
    You may display a form with a redirect or a details view with a link element or a calc element containing a link
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