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Can this be done using Fabrik?

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by pot1906dk, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. pot1906dk

    pot1906dk New Member

    Level: Community
    Before I start working with this I need to you expert guys if it is possible to do this using Fabrik:

    I want to allow a visitor on my website to register and at the same time create a new page for him on my site. Thus, when a user register, these tasks should be performed:
    1. Create a user
    2. Create a new article in a category chosen by the user
    3. Create another new article with this new user as author (possibly with some content supplied by the user)
    The idea is that user subscribes, select a category and supplies some additional info and text in one form.
    The first article to be created is a "container" that just launches a plugin that creates tabbed pages using all articles written by this new subscriber.
    The other article will be set as written by the new user, and will therefor be displayed as a tab in the first page.
  2. rob

    rob Administrator Staff Member

    Level: Community
    creating a joomla user from a fabrik form can be achieved with the juser form plugin.

    For the rest without haviing to resort to some coding you would have to ask the user to do that once they have logged in, so not at the same time as the user creation form is submitted.

    You can create a fabrik list (and thus an associated form) to the #__content joomla databae table.

    Ensure that under the list's 'advanced' section you set the 'Alter field types' to 'no' to stop fabrik from altering the structure of the content.

    Then you can prefilter the list so that the user see's only records created by themselves

    You'd probably want to unpublish most of the elments created by fabrik and set the created_by element to be a user element which auto-fills with the current users id.
  3. pot1906dk

    pot1906dk New Member

    Level: Community
    Thanks Rob. I already found JUser and have it working. I guess that I was hoping to find a similar plugin called JArticle to create articles easily. I'm fairly new to PHP, but accomplished in Perl, so I think I can use the PHP plugin and write some SQL statements. My problem is that I am unsure if I only need to create an entry in the contents table or if I also need to add something in other tables.
    Anyway, to avoid spam, I will have to split my registration in two steps. First, user sign up and get an activating mail. Upon clicking the link in this mail he will be taken to a form where he can enter more info, whereafter his pages will be created.
    Some thinking needed here, but I hope to make it work as described.:)
  4. pot1906dk

    pot1906dk New Member

    Level: Community
    Or, maybe I'll try first with a list, using the content table, as you suggest.

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