Cascading Dropdown won't display from the site

Discussion in 'Fabrik 3.x Testing' started by linomsai, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. linomsai Member

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    I have 2 columns

    1) item name - (databasejoin element)
    2) item code - (cascading dropdown element)

    But the elements take data from the same table i.e Item Master.

    When item name is selected, the item code displays the change. But this i can see from the administrator login of joomla/fabrik, but it does not dislay the change when observed from the site directly.

    Same is the issue, when an item name is selected, the description field is displayed in the admin login but nothing displayed in the website.

    I use IE 9 but i dont think this could be the issue as i can see the even in admin login but not from the website login.

    Pls help!
  2. linomsai Member

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    Further working on the issue, when i added one more element to the same table i.e. a date, the cascading dropdown element "item code" was just showing loading process in the admin login, in the site login it was anyways not showing....
  3. troester Well-Known Member

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    What are the access settings for your elements?
  4. linomsai Member

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    It is public & registered.
  5. troester Well-Known Member

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    Which element is set to what?
    There are settings for editable and viewable.
  6. linomsai Member

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    Hi troester,
    thank you for your reply.

    Access for both the elements i.e. item name and item code is as Public access - editable & viewable (in the original table where it belongs to as well as in the table where it is a database join and cascading drop down respectively).

    I have observed that while creating a new form the item code is not displayed. But when i apply and add it and then later on edit / view the form i can see the item code element against the item name.
  7. troester Well-Known Member

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    You are talking about "tables", in fabrik3 it's "lists".
    In fabrik3 I can't see your issue (FF and IE9, adding or editing records).

    Which fabrik version are you using? Which Joomla template?
    Can you see any JS errors?
    Can you post a link to your form?
  8. linomsai Member

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    Hi troester,

    the Great News is that I see it has started working now. But really dont know how. I shall test by adding it into repeated group and see if the issue is still there and update you accordingly.

    Thanks for your reply.

    For me this is a great project to work with Fabrik....loving it :)

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