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checkbox element generates extra checkbox!

Discussion in 'Fabrik 3.x Testing' started by jorgpoolman, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. jorgpoolman

    jorgpoolman New Member

    Level: Community

    I created several checkboxes. The strange thing is that there is often one checkbox extra then I made options. Weird!

    So I deleted all the elements in:
    element table
    form table

    I created a new checkbox element which I gave the same name as the one which had that extra checkbox. Again the extra checkbox was there. Has this something to do with cache?
  2. rob

    rob Administrator Staff Member

    Level: Community
    are you using the lastest code from github - we had something along those lines happening a couple of weeks ago but I thought it was fixed.
    Also was the database table created by fabrik or did it already exists and you linked a fabrik list to it?

  3. jorgpoolman

    jorgpoolman New Member

    Level: Community
    I used Fabrik-fabrik-b3a0e37: 25-10-2011 at 01:51. And I also discovered and updated all the plugins.

    I build the form from scratch. But I found a solution:

    I deleted the elements in Fabrik and manually in the elements table and the list table with phpmyadmin. Then I created the elements again with a new name. This time the extra checkboxes did not appear.

    So when does this occur: when I copy an element and then adjust.
  4. jorgpoolman

    jorgpoolman New Member

    Level: Community
    extra checkbox do appear after changing templates

    Very strange, I changed the template of the form to one of mine. The extra checkboxes were there again. Then I changed the template back to default and the extra checkboxes stayed! I am confused.
  5. jorgpoolman

    jorgpoolman New Member

    Level: Community
    Looks like there is something wrong with me. This morning the extra checkboxes are gone. I checked it with all possible templates. No extra checkboxes any more. And I did not upgrade.

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