checkbox element generates extra checkbox!

Discussion in 'Fabrik 3.x Testing' started by jorgpoolman, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. jorgpoolman New Member

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    I created several checkboxes. The strange thing is that there is often one checkbox extra then I made options. Weird!

    So I deleted all the elements in:
    element table
    form table

    I created a new checkbox element which I gave the same name as the one which had that extra checkbox. Again the extra checkbox was there. Has this something to do with cache?
  2. rob Administrator

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    are you using the lastest code from github - we had something along those lines happening a couple of weeks ago but I thought it was fixed.
    Also was the database table created by fabrik or did it already exists and you linked a fabrik list to it?

  3. jorgpoolman New Member

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    I used Fabrik-fabrik-b3a0e37: 25-10-2011 at 01:51. And I also discovered and updated all the plugins.

    I build the form from scratch. But I found a solution:

    I deleted the elements in Fabrik and manually in the elements table and the list table with phpmyadmin. Then I created the elements again with a new name. This time the extra checkboxes did not appear.

    So when does this occur: when I copy an element and then adjust.
  4. jorgpoolman New Member

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    extra checkbox do appear after changing templates

    Very strange, I changed the template of the form to one of mine. The extra checkboxes were there again. Then I changed the template back to default and the extra checkboxes stayed! I am confused.
  5. jorgpoolman New Member

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    Looks like there is something wrong with me. This morning the extra checkboxes are gone. I checked it with all possible templates. No extra checkboxes any more. And I did not upgrade.

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