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Connected to existing joomla tables. Can't see id in form

Discussion in 'Community' started by cmendla, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. cmendla

    cmendla Member

    Level: Community
    I need to connect to existing Jbusinessdirectory tables via fabrik. There is a company-categories table that isn't getting updated when we add a company. My solution for now is to create the company and then add the entries to the table manually.

    I created a list called company maintenance. That uses the _jbusinessdirectory_companies table.

    The join is to company-categories which has the following structure

    # Name Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra Action
    1 companyIdPrimary varchar(11) utf8_unicode_ci No Change Change Drop Drop
    2 categoryIdPrimary int(11) No None Change Change Drop Drop

    The join is a left join on companies to company-category

    I need to have the ID of the company record show in the form. That is the ID of the jbd-companies record

    1 idPrimary int(11) No None AUTO_INCREMENT

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.

    Just to rephrase: (jbd = j-businessdirectory)
    • I created a list that uses an existing jbd table
    • I linked that table to the jbd-company-category which is a two column table - company id, category id.
      • the left join is from company.id to company-category.company_id
      • There will be cases where the company does not have a corresponding company-category entry. The purpose here is to enter that manually.
      • The list shows what I need: Name, company.id, main_subcategory (category).
      • When I click edit, I see everything I need EXCEPT the company ID.


  2. Sophist

    Sophist Well-Known Member

    Level: Community
    Did you mean to post this in the Fabrik 2.5 forum? If not I can move it for you.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  3. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    I don't think it'll work. Sounds like the existing company-category table uses a composite key, and doesn't have a traditional auto-inc PK. And Fabrik can't handle composite keys, so won't be able to deal with have a list join to it.

    You could write a form submission script on your "companies" form that inserts the company-category mapping row "by hand" though.

    -- hugh
  4. cmendla

    cmendla Member

    Level: Community
    UPDATE - I took a different approach. Instead of trying to join the tables in Fabrik, I'm creating a view using SQL in Phpmyadmin.

    The way it is set up it has a crazy schema that probably breaks every rule of normalization. Anyway, I'm finding that Fabrik reads the views just fine. You can't update data in a view of course, but I don't need that for this app.
  5. Sophist

    Sophist Well-Known Member

    Level: Community
    Yes - I have used views too.

    You should make sure that the List will not try to update element types by setting List / Details / Advanced / Alter Field Types to "No".

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