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Custom User List ( table joins)

Discussion in 'Community' started by kornacki, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. kornacki

    kornacki Member

    Level: Professional

    I'm trying to replicate the OSTraining Custom Joomla User list.
    I created User, User Group Map and Usergroups lists.
    In the user list, added a db join from users to user_group_map table and that works fine displaying users and mapping to groups in the list.
    Adding join from user_group_map table to usergroups table gives me this error:
    500 SQL=ALTER TABLE `cla_users` ADD INDEX `fb_join_group_id_INDEX` (`group_id` )

    Is this an issue of permissions or am I not doing something correctly?

  2. rob

    rob Administrator Staff Member

    Level: Community
    It could be a mySQL permissions issue. Check your mysql user has rights to create indexes.
    Are you testiing with J debug on? If so try turning it off - with it off I think it won't raise the error.

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