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Discussion in 'Professional Support' started by nofc_fro, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. nofc_fro

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    I've used the default CSS classes to increase or decrease the width of the fields in the forms and filters, but I can not change the width of the columns in the list.
  2. cheesegrits

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    Works OK for me, so in ...


    ... I have ...

    Code (Text):

    .fab_main_test___yes_no {
       width: 150px;
    ... within the begin/end comments, and it correctly sets the width of that element's column.

    Can you point us at the page for that list?

    -- hugh
  3. nofc_fro

    nofc_fro Member

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    I use Fabrik without changes, so I use the default bootstrap css. The "custom_css.php" file does not exist, but there is "template_css.php".

    In Joomla's backend I go to "Elements" -> "ID" (e.g.) -> List view settings-> CSS.
    Heading class: my-id-th
    Cell class: my-id-td

    From the css of the template (or in the template_css.php) I use:
    .my-id-th {
    background-color: green; -> and it works
    width: 500px; -> and it does not work ...
  4. troester

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    CSS changes should be made in custom_css.php (rename custom_css_example.php and adapt).
    Modifications in template_css.php will be overriden by the next update.

    You must set th and td and I think if you don't have table-layout:fixed; you must set max-width:500px;

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