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Different lists for table / form

Discussion in 'Community' started by impy, May 6, 2012.

  1. impy New Member

    Level: Community
    Can i create different lists for a form / groupe?

    I build a long form with 4 groups and many elements for table "jobs".
    Differente user groups should see different lists with differente filter and pre-filter now.

    How it work?

    I can create a list for the same table "jobs", but than i can choose a filter of an existing element.

    You know what i mean?
  2. bea Active Member

    Level: Standard

    you can copy your main table and set you individual filters e.g.:

    1) master table and form
    2) group A table and form, prefiltered for group A
    3) group B table and form, prefiltered for group B

    Before you start to copy a table, backup your site or test on a developer site.

    All element of the copied table are linked to the main. you can easiliy unlink by editig the element.

  3. jfquestiaux Well-Known Member

    Level: Professional
    Since you are posting into the Fabrik2 formum but talking about "list" (a fabrik 3 concept), it is not clear which version of Fabrik you are using.

    If you are using F2, you can follow Bea's advice and make copies of your "main" table

    If you are using F3, you have now the great option (I love this feature!) to set different views of the same list though the options of the menu link pointing to the list: you can pick witch elements are displayed and witch prefilter should be applied, independently of the settings in the list itself. So you don't have to duplicate the list.
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