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Dropdown extremely slow only in IE.... not usable - showstopper.

Discussion in 'Community' started by Basdub, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Basdub

    Basdub Member

    Level: Community
    If using dropdown even with only 3 values, the list is displayed but can't even select a value.

    Am I the only one with such a major issue? I developed my site with Firefox and Chrome and everything is ok. Then the owner used his default IE web browser and not started complaining....I'll spare you the rest.

    Field type: dropdown
    Values: 4 (blood type) - No default selected checked.
    All default options in other tabs

    This is major! It is a basic functionality. I tried to debug but no error in console, profiler show lots of time in mootools-core selector.

    My form is large with 10 pages with an average of 8 fields per page or so.

    I had a large dropdown of countries and provinces but disabled them and was left only with the small dropdown that all have the same issue.

    I have seen some post about it but no solution.
  2. Basdub

    Basdub Member

    Level: Community
    I've reduced the number of group to 1 and made my way up and has a definite impact on the speed of the dropdown in IE. The higher the number of group or elements, the slower the dropdown.
  3. uschmi

    uschmi Member

    Level: Community
    Same problem here!
    In IE my form (several groups, many elements, 1 page) is extremely slow. When clicking on a checkbox or yes/no field, it takes several seconds to react!
    But in Firefox/Chrome all works fine...

    I?m using Joomla 3.3 + second latest github.
  4. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    I don't seem to be able to duplicate this, on test pages with 50+ elements. Can someone point me at a page which has the slow dropdown and/or checkboxes?

    -- hugh
  5. uschmi

    uschmi Member

    Level: Community
    Hi Hugh,
    you got a PM with logon credentials to our website...
  6. uschmi

    uschmi Member

    Level: Community
    could you already take a look on my website?
  7. Basdub

    Basdub Member

    Level: Community
    I didn't see the notifications about the reply. I apologize for the delay of this reply.I was patiently hoping and waiting for an answer :)


    Login in should bring you to the form. Otherwise use the menu "My THRecord"
  8. Basdub

    Basdub Member

    Level: Community
    Here are 2 profiling session took using firebug or the web development tools. What I've notice is there is alot of time spent in mootools core in search/find functions... so it seems and by memory. Keep in mind that i'm not an expert in profiling.

    Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

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  9. p38

    p38 Member

    Level: Community
    This has been a problems through many versions of Fabrik, and still never fully resolved. It still exists now, with IE browsers making the system very slow on many aspects. Even IE10 is an issue.

    a while back, the developers added a switch in options to bypass the IE 3rd party tools they use in an effort to at least speed up FF and chrome, and allow us to decide if we want to use this IE compatibility code.

    This never actually helped, and I gave up asking to resolve. I resorted to asking clients to use other browsers.
  10. uschmi

    uschmi Member

    Level: Community
    any comments from the admins to the statement of p38?
    Same problem for me as for Basdub and I?m not the only one...
  11. Basdub

    Basdub Member

    Level: Community
    Pressure is increasing from customers and website users.
    The "use another" workaround is not understood by those IE users.

    Maybe jquery would be better than mootools.

    Saying that because the profiling seems to indicate lots of wasted time in mootools core.
  12. jfquestiaux

    jfquestiaux Well-Known Member

    Level: Community
    Well I would check a few things first, regarding the server or the hosting because there seems to be large difference in the loading time of even simple pages like http://travelhealthrecord.com/index.php/thr-privacy that has no Fabrik stuff or even images (besides header).
    For example, on this page, Page Speed (the Google tool) reports server responding time of 1 sec or more, then suddenly of only 0,5 sec (it still is a lot - more than 0,2 sec should be optimized).
    Are you on shared hosting? Have you tried the site on another server (locally for instance)? What are the server params (PHP, MySQL, amount of RAm,...)?
    Have you the same problem with the J! default Protostar template?
  13. uschmi

    uschmi Member

    Level: Community
    In my case (I have the same problem), I tried different provider/server with same result on each server. And, only in IE the elements in a fabrikar form are extremely slow, in Firefox and Chrome the same form has good performance! I?m using protostar as template. It?s definitely not the server, but it?s FABRIKAR!!!
  14. Basdub

    Basdub Member

    Level: Community
    I understand and appreciate your concern about my website setup and hosting company.

    Let me just remind you that it works great on Firefox and Chrome... And it's on the same server. Therefore your concerns might be justified but seems unrelated.

    With the provided profiling documents, the best option is to blame mootools. That's why I suggested JQuery. It doesn't seems to spend time in fabrik functions but in mootools core files. Unless i missed something.
  15. softforge

    softforge Member

    Level: Standard
    This is indeed a serious problem and effects dropdowns, checkboxes and radio button. We have a client who all use IE8 because their IT department wont allow them to install anything or upgrade. :(

    I have now tested this on IE8 and IE9 and they both have the same problem (although IE8 is much worse). I have recorded a video demonstrating the problem on this page of the Fabrik demo site:


    This is using IE9 which is nearly unusable as there is a 2 second hang after every click, in IE8 it is closer to 4 seconds:


    I've spent some time trying to work out what is causing this and I can only conclude that it is the sheer amount of code that is being run whenever a user clicks. Surely it cannot all be necessary? You can see what I mean in this video:


    I may be wrong but it looks like the same code is getting executed many times and doesn't actually end up doing anything useful. It seems as if there are 8 different click events attached to this checkbox. Do we really need them all? It seems like they run a whole heap of code, many of the events seem to run exactly the same code, and then don't add any value to the user who clicked the checkbox.

    This is a big problem for us as the client is not prepared to take the system that we have built them live until this is fixed. So this issue has our full attention and we will do whatever we can to get it resolved.

    Can anyone give any advice on what is going on here? Is there a quick a dirty hack to disable all click events, they are not doing anything useful and seem to be causing this massive UI lag.

    Any help will be very much appreciated.

  16. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    I'm installing a couple of VirtualBox's with IE8 and 9 on them so I can take a look.

    -- hugh
  17. Basdub

    Basdub Member

    Level: Community
    I have the issue on the latest IE version. Did you had a minutes to check with the link and user/password provided?

    Regards, Sebastien
  18. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Ack phffft. I thought I had all the VirtualBox VM's I needed, but I don't have the IE9 one. And trying to debug anything in IE8 is a lost cause, especially as the excellent Visual Event 2 from Allan Jardine doesn't work in IE8, making it even harder to see what's going on. If any of the geekier folk in this thread haven't used it, give it a go. Essential tool for anything to do with DOM events.


    Just FYI, technically we really don't support IE8 any more. We support the current version, plus the previous major releases, of the Big 3. Now that IE11 is out, that means we only support 9 thru 11.

    However, we recognize that (unfortunately) the pile of poo that is IE8 still has a large install base, and a lot of our users are stuck with it. So we will try and resolve this. But I'm going to start with IE9, and hope that whatever improvements I can make will help with IE8. Anyway, waiting for the Windows 7 / IE9 VirtualBox image download, which is going to take an hour or so.

    Oh, and in case geeky folk are interested, Microsoft's page for the VM images of all their products, with every permutation of IE version, is here:


    They are all license-free evals, which will run for 90 days, with a certain number of "resets". Extremely useful for situations like this, rather than trying to run any of the funky multi-browser test tools.

    -- hugh
  19. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community

    I'm using one of my local test servers with my Ultimate Torture Test Form.

    -- hugh
  20. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    My initial hunch is that it's a Bootstrap induced issue, with a JQuery vs Mootools conflict thrown in for good measure. Something to do with the CSS n'th pseudo selector ...

    As far as I can tell, I don't think it's specifically a Fabrik issue, it's just that Fabrik is one of the few places in a Joomla front end Bootstrap page where you would ever have a lot of elements in a big form, so it's simply more likely to show up.

    I could be wrong, and I'm trying to narrow in on the issue, but this isn't a trivial debugging situation, as it's pretty much impossible to breakpoint, as the affected functions get called from so many places ... and (debugging nightmare) just switching from the debug window to the main window triggers them ...

    -- hugh

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