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Dutch manual in progress

Discussion in 'About fabrikar.com' started by ManuAmpe, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. ManuAmpe

    ManuAmpe New Member

    Level: Community

    I'm writing a manual of Fabrik in Dutch (now already 170 pages).
    Mid April I will present Fabrik to the Flemish Joomla User Group JugVlaanderen.

    To complete my manual, I hope that someone of Fabirk can contribute a little bit.
    1. Can you send me some images I can use for the cover of my manual, please?
    2. I want to tell in a few lines what will be new in the upcoming Fabrik-versions. So maybe you can tell in a few lines what is in the development-pipeline to deliver soon & in the near future?
    3. For the Vizualization I described 2 kind of callendars: calendar and fullcalandar. Is there one of them that will be abandonned soon (or what is he reason of both existances) ?
    4. The Visualization Slideshow I couldn't get it to work. Is it due to my settings that it doesn't work or is it also a matter of obsolence (like Chart)? And what about the visualization-type "media"?
    5. Once my manual is finished, I want to share it / publish it on your site / wiki / ... . How should i proceed?

    Thank you for any of your contributions & feedback.
    Manu Ampe
  2. mediaateam

    mediaateam Super Moderator Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Hi @ManuAmpe - I definitely would like to help you with this effort. I will send you a PM.
  3. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    The 'calendar' viz is deprecated, and will be removed soon. The 'fullcalendar' viz is the only one supported.

    The slideshow viz should be working, I tested it here last night, although I did discover a couple of small issues that needed fixing, to do with a specific setting combination (single file AJAX upload, with crop enabled), I'll push the changes up to github later today. I will be replacing the plugin it uses (slideshow2) soon, as it's an old Mootools one which isn't being maintained any more. Will probably use Slick:


    The 'media' viz is indeed dead, as the 3rd party plugins it used died, as they both used Flash. I took a look at it last night, and found a couple of HTML5 based solutions for playing audio and video content, so when I get an hour or two spare this week I'll probably recode it to use one of those. The plugin hasn't gotten any love, as nobody really ever used it, and I wrote it for a specific client who wanted that functionality. But I liked having the functionality, so I'll give it some love soon.

    -- hugh
  4. ManuAmpe

    ManuAmpe New Member

    Level: Community
    Cheesegrits replied on the more technical stuff.
    Is there someone who can send me some visual material that I can use for the cover of the book / my manual (now already 190 pages ). For the moment I didn't find yet a creative person who could make a (visual) cover for me.
  5. mediaateam

    mediaateam Super Moderator Staff Member

    Level: Community
    @ManuAmpe - I sent you a PM with contact info so we can help you with the cover.
  6. cvh

    cvh New Member

    Level: Community

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