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Element CSS

Discussion in 'Completed' started by omar, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. deepakdhingra

    deepakdhingra Member

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    Cant get the _text to work


    I followed this excellent piece of CSS advice but I'm stuck.

    This works perfect -

    margin-right: 10%; float: left; width: 7%;

    However, when I want to change the styling of the element container I am able to do it in Firebug only but since I do not know what file is it picking it up from I don't know which file to change. And firebug doesnt show me the file. I assume its template.css but whatever I do there doesnt work.

    Firebug shows me this (the HTML for the name element in my table) -

    <li class="fabrikElementContainer fabrikfield" style="margin-right: 1%; float: left; width: 27%;">
    <div id="fb_el_Portfoil___name_ro_text" class="fabrikLabel"><label for="Portfoil___name_ro">Name</label></div>
    <div class="fabrikElement">
    <div id="Portfoil___name_ro">Ajay</div>
    <div class="fabrikErrorMessage">
    <div style="clear: both;"></div>

    But where do I save this ? Or which file do I edit? If it is template.css then what exactly should I do? I followed your advice of appending _text but even that didnt work. I hope I am clear. I have attached a jpg to show you what I am doing. And what I intend to do is move the move the Pin code and Telephone Number elements up without disturbing the Photograph element on the left.



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  2. amilks

    amilks Active Member

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    Put the css that Hugh showed you how to do in a brand new CSS document. Save it as custom.css and add it to the template folder you are editing. Fabrik will automatically include the custom.css file with that template.

    Good luck
  3. deepakdhingra

    deepakdhingra Member

    Level: Community

    Thanks so much Andrew,

    I was struggling with this. And even though I knew that there was to be a custom.css file, something in what you said clicked immediately and it happened. As you said in your reply to my other post, "I know I reitterated what others have already said, but often times I find it helpful if I hear it again and again.", it is a good thing that you replied otherwise I may have taken longer.

    Thanks for both of your replies.

    I have attached a jpg of what I did with the form eventually. Its not perfect yet but me and my designer will work on it tom.

    Thanks again.


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