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Example Email Eval please? Can't get mine to work

Discussion in 'Community' started by bggann, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. bggann

    bggann Member

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    Okay - been fighting this for some hours, and reading lots of the forum, experimenting, etc.

    But I'm just not getting something. Probably something very stupid.

    I've got a form that has a field (radio box). Based on the value in that field, I want to add the submitter to the email plugin. I'm trying to do that by using the email eval, but it is not triggering. The email goes to the main "to" email address, but not the additional one in the Eval.

    The table (a test table) has 2 fields of interest - an email and a radio button with labels "Send" and "Don't send" and values of "Yes" and "No"
    the submitter's email is in

    The send/don't send is in

    My Email eval code is:

    return ({fab_testing_table___Test_choice_raw} == 'Yes') ? {fab_testing_table___Test_email} : "";

    What I expect to happen is that if the value of

    fab_testing_table___Test_choice_raw is 'Yes'

    It should return the email contained in fab_testing_table___Test_email and add that to the list of email addresses sent to.

    BTW - I know {fab_testing_table___Test_choice_raw} and {fab_testing_table___Test_email} are correct, because they are displayed in the subject line and show up in the email sent to the main "To" address.

    What am I doing wrong.
    Running Fabrik 2.1, Joomla 1.5.23 on Rochen.
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