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Exercise Editor - Reports

Discussion in 'Community' started by tiagovareta, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. tiagovareta

    tiagovareta Member

    Level: Community

    I am creating the exercise editor and a training manager.
    The idea of operation will be: We create / manage the exercises and their characteristics, We create / manage the training, adding exercises to the training.
    I already did Exercise Management and Training Management. Now I want to make the reports, that is, to be able to print (pdf) the training plan.

    What I want to show in the report:
    - Training Management Form Fields
    - From the Exercises We have selected for training (in the Training Management form, we have selected the name of the exercise), I would like you to get the image and description of the exercise.

    What is the best way to make this kind of report?

    Is there anyone with experience who is interested in doing this work (paid for it)?
  2. mediaateam

    mediaateam Super Moderator Staff Member

    Level: Community
  3. gwebwere

    gwebwere New Member

    Level: Community
    Hello, I created a form with Fabrik joomla and would like to print a report of the form data, example: a voucher with the data that was entered in the form.
    is it possible to do that?
  4. startpoint

    startpoint Active Member

    Level: Community
    You can show print button on details view. Then print from generated content.
    But I prefer to show pdf button and print from generated pdf file.
    You can customize your detail/pdf view like you want, but for pdf have some limitations.
    I don't know how to customize print view.

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