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Explanations on Repeatable Groups

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by Incremental, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Incremental

    Incremental Member

    Level: Community
    as I clearly understand the Group concept in forms, I would have more explanations about Repeated Groups, as the wiki is not fully detailed on this subject :
    1. do you have some samples to understand the concept ?
    2. how is structured the database table ? I suppose that it is necessary to have the group max fields created (and empty by default)
      Repeat groups are a way to collapse Form presentation ?
  2. Incremental

    Incremental Member

    Level: Community
    Friendly bump ;)
  3. rob

    rob Administrator Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Repeat groups are for storing data in related database tables.
    Each row of data in a repeat group is stored in a row in the repeat groups's own db table.

    So say I have a list countries, joined to a list regions and the regions group is set to repeating.
    Each region you enter in the countries form is store in its own row with a reference to its country id. The reference is defined by the fields you enter in the list joins section.

    Its not needed to be filled in

    Somewhat I guess, in that you can edit data from 2 db tables in one form.
  4. Incremental

    Incremental Member

    Level: Community
    Thanks it's clear now :)
  5. Incremental

    Incremental Member

    Level: Community
    Precisions added in the Wiki

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