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Export data CSV or Excel

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by fredvogels, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. fredvogels New Member

    Level: Community
    Hello there,
    I am new to Fabrik, but I already like very much!

    When I want to export data I'll see: Loading 0 / undefined. Saving to

    I've been looking on this forum and saw all the post about this subject but find new new clues.
    - I have the last version of Joomla Joomla! 1.5.26 Stable [ senu takaa ama busani ] 27-March-2012 18:00 GMT
    - I have System - Mootools Upgrade enabled. All the writings are OK.
    I have a free version.
    Any clues?
    Hope to hear from you.
    A database in action with the same export problem: http://www.backtonormandy.org/abbreviations.html

    Best regards
  2. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
    You may have to tweak the access settings for the CSV export option so I can see it as a guest.

    -- hugh
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  3. fredvogels New Member

    Level: Community

    Thanks for returning to my question!
    I've been looking at the access part in the table configuration. But I don't understand - when you give all the possible to right to everybody - it still don't work. Not for Excel, not for CSV.
    I must be overlooking something stupid, by I don't know what. Please Help!
  4. troester Well-Known Member

    Level: Standard
    Edit your list, tab "Publishing", set "Front end CSV export" to public
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  5. fredvogels New Member

    Level: Community
    Front end CSV export

    Front end CSV export were set to everybody. I tried the other option like Public Front End. As it supposed to be it appears and disappears accoring to the login status. Only:(. No export. The same Loading 0 / undefined. Saving to
  6. fredvogels New Member

    Level: Community
    I changed the rewrite htaccess and now it is working;D
  7. djmike85 New Member

    Level: Community
    Has anyone fixed the import / export issue translation from fabrik 2.0 (Joomla 1.5) to 3.0(Joomla 2.5) ?

    Thank you
  8. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
    Which issue?

    -- hugh
  9. salatiel.araujo New Member

    Level: Community
    can´t change rewrite htaccess

    I do not understand! Where do I change the htaccess rewrite?
  10. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
    We can't really tell you that, without knowing what your htaccess currently does.

    -- hugh
  11. jessedw New Member

    Level: Community
    I'm getting the same issue. Does anyone know what part of the standard .htaccess file was blocking the .csv export?

  12. sheerkoshan New Member

    Level: Community
    hi there
    I have the same Problem . appriciate any help
  13. jessedw New Member

    Level: Community
    it turned out to be something to do with table name references. I can't remember at all exactly the solution. I must admit that it was in fact solved by one of the forum moderators via skype. Sorry not to be of much help.

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