Fabrik 2.0 Release?

Discussion in 'Fabrik 2.0 Beta Testing' started by rberthelette, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. rberthelette New Member

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    Is there a date for when the final stable version of Fabrik 2.0 will be released?

    Keep up the great work guys! I've only been playing around with Fabrik for a day now and so far I'm loving it!

    The few bugs that I've seen so far have been able to be fixed easily.

    I would like to see some more interaction in the forum from all Fabrik users.

  2. rob Administrator

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    Hi Ray

    We're getting closer :) , no date has or will be set.
    This week I've replaced the pattemplate system with a simple php template system (similar to that used in Joomla1.5)
    According to the intentionally vague road map (http://fabrikar.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4&Itemid=13) the only outstanding issues are

    # Improved package management
    # Create extensive test suite to ensure quality of code release

    Hopefully the package management can be done next week, at which point I'll probably release a beta for 2.0.
    The test suite will take longer to set up, mainly due to Fabrik's flexibility but will hopefully mean we can go forward with some clear quality tests to run before releasing a release candidate.
  3. ayehou New Member

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    just joined fabrik and very eager to get hold on to the beta release
    any luck with the packaging
    maybe the beta is already out, if so where do i find it
    if not when can we expect the release

    further i could not see in the roadmap documentation releases
    when do you expect that to have for version 2

    thanks so much for all your wonderful work
  4. rob Administrator

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    package management hasn't really been started on, although its not a technically hard part to do.
    I've been getting some really good feedback from some members of the community regarding certain fixes to the code, and this is taking priority.
    As I said I can't hold or promise a date, but hopefully something will be available soon.
    Documentation will occur after the beta realase, as at this point we will have a feature freeze.

  5. ayehou New Member

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    hi dear developers of fabrik!
    how is the outlook for the beta version?
  6. rob Administrator

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    We've been inundated with support requests the last couple of weeks, meaning we've been focussing on bug fixes for 1.0.4.
    Package management is about half way there, but no timescale for a beta release yet.
  7. mohdayub New Member

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    Is there any problem with the fabrik download server? I tried so many times but I still can't download anything. TQ

  8. ayehou New Member

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    any further prospect on next release?
  9. rob Administrator

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    Sorry no deadline, work is still underway
  10. rberthelette New Member

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  11. LeberMac New Member

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    [me=LeberMac]dangles a beer on a string and holds it in front of Graylan & Rob...[/me]
    I'll refrain from the obligatory.. "Is it done yet?" "Is it done yet?" "Is it done yet?" "Is it done yet?" Nonsense.

    Make it good. Then release the beta.
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