1. Fabrik 3.5.2 is now available to download. Read the blog for highlights about this release.

    As always, please back up your site prior to updating and if possible test in a dev environment first.

    Also, our 3.5.1 package file was hacked, the effected dates were 1/15/2017 - 1/17/2017. If during those days you downloaded the 3.5.1 package file from the JED or our site download page, please re-install the package with a fresh copy or upgrade to Fabrik 3.5.2. Github downloads were not effected.

Fabrik 3.x - Joomla - 2.5 (Install\Upgrade)

Discussion in 'Fabrik 3.x Testing' started by felixkat, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Installating Fabrik 3.x

    Please note that Joomla 1.7 is no longer supported as of 24th February. Please update to Joomla 2.5.


    Upgrading Fabrik 3.x

    Note:- When you first install Fabrik you are installing a release, for example it may be release 3.0.3. After an update from Github you are beyond that release level, that is to say your files are newer that 3.0.3.

    Once you have updated from Github you do not need to use the upgrade process in the backend of Joomla as effectively that would be installing an older release.

    It is recommended at this stage after installation to use the latest Github updates due to the amount of code changes happening on a daily basis.


    Additional Note:- There may be times when you update from Github and discover you still have the same problem. In some cases you may have to re-apply a setting for the fix to work.

    Example:- If you create a table join and a bug prevents certain parameters from being set then an update won't solve the problem as the table is already joined. For the bux fix to be applied you would have to re-join the tables by breaking the join and re-applying.

    Upgrading from Fabrik 2.x

    This is being documented and is currently work in progress.


    This document and the wiki articles are work in progress. They are being modified reflecting questions that we are seeing in the forums.

    If it's helpful then please press the thanks button. If something is unclear then please post in forums. This helps us to know where we can improve the documentation.
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