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Fabrik Prefilter Question

Discussion in 'Community' started by considerthis, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. considerthis

    considerthis Member

    Level: Community

    In a list which has pagination, I see that fabrik prefilters are being executed in every page and If you have a rather large query on prefilter it executes in every page.

    i wonder if this is the correct way. I think if it changes to execute prefilter in the initial list load It would be a lot faster.

    Any ideas
  2. p38

    p38 Member

    Level: Community
    most paginations on tables (eg datatables, tabulator, fabrik, etc ) query the data for each page, only returning the records needed for the page length.

    This is for speed purposes, cause it makes no sense to pull a query of 1 million records and then display pagination.

    This is why fabrikar runs a query for each page which includes the prefilters.

    However, there is a neat way to speed up your list, by switching off the list query of each element you do not show in your list. By default, it is switched on, so if you have 100 elements in your list, yet you only show 10, the underlying query still pulls data for all 100 elements.

    1) Under element List Settings, switch off "Include in list query"
    2) You can switch off complete Groups as well instead of going to each element, in the Details tab, switch off "Include in list query/view"

    Good luck

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  3. considerthis

    considerthis Member

    Level: Community
    Thanks for your clarification.

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