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File Upload problem

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by tomu, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community

    I have a problem with file upload.
    If I upload file from backend file will be uploaded to the server folder and later on is visible in table.
    Problem begins if I will try to upload file from Frontend file will be uploaded to the server BUT IS NOT visible in the table.

    I figure out that in MySQL database file uploaded from backend looks like shown below:

    /My_Folder/file_name.zip - and is visible in table

    File uploaded via frontend looks like shown below:

    My_Folderfile_name.zip - and is invisible in table

    So slashes are missing I have adjust missing slahes in MySQL - file become visible in the table.

    Please help me to solve it, is very urgent request.

    I read few post I found here but didn't find solution.
    I also try to add / and remove it from folder name in administration panel no results.
    SVN updated to the 5907.

    I attach my fabrikfileupload folder maybe it will help in replicating a problem - Please let me know if any other file is needed.

    I can give access to my website as well.

    Attached Files:

  2. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community
    Can someone take care about my problem? I really need this element to work on my webside before wedensday. I pay 50 Euros and I'm starting to ask my self for what?

    Next problem I discover is delete button in frontend that is not reacting at all.
  3. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Standard
    What are your element settings?
    On my site it's no problem to upload in frontend + backend.

    Delete button:
    do you have system mootools upgrade plugin enabled?
    which browser?

    BTW: even SILVER subscription has 48 h response time excluding weekends
  4. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community

    My settings are standatd only upload dir is ALNS ( I try also ALNS/ and /ALNS/ ) this folder is located in joomla main folder so on my server is like that /joomla/ALNS/

    file type set to .zip

    and in tab table settings show in table - YES

    any browser Mozilla or IE make the same issue

    mootools upgrade is enabled
  5. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Standard
    Upload element all standard: so you have no ajax upload, no thumbnail, no crop...?

    How did you manage to upload a zip-file, with standard settings I get 'File type not allowed'.
    After adding .zip to 'Allowed File Types' I can see no problem.

    Do you have something special, e.g. repeated group, joined table...
  6. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community
    No nothing like that I don't need thumb's just link to file - I try with Ajax is visible but no reaction for click as well like with delete button.

    I just spoke with my server services provider and I think I dig out something.

    They told that to get joomla working they are changing two things in two files I check it they are changed in my as well.

    My installation folder of CMS is /joomla

    provider change no 1: in file /joomla/configuration.php

    in stead of: var $live_site = '';
    I have: var $live_site = 'http://tomuservice.com/';

    provider change no 2: in file /joomla/libraries/joomla/filesystem/path.php

    in stead of: if (strpos($path, JPath::clean(ROOT_PATCH)) !== 0) {
    I have: if (strpos($path, JPath::clean('/')) !== 0) {

    they told me that orginal code will not let me login in backend - I check it - TRUE

    I'm thinking this is the problem - question is how to adopt component to work with such modificated CMS?
  7. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Standard
    Maybe you should change the provider.

    What is the (modified) Joomla version?

    I don't know if Rob or Hugh can tell you what to do if the provider modifies core Joomla files.
  8. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community
    Ver of the CMS 1.5.20

    funny thing is that i have no problem with any other components.
    I have no problem to upload files from backend link to file is ok.

    Problem exist only in front end
  9. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community

    They are saying

    Maybe you should find another component ;D
  10. jfquestiaux

    jfquestiaux Well-Known Member

    Level: Professional
    I am working with Joomla! since 2006 and NEVER heard of the need for a hosting provider to make changes in any Joomla! core file, especially since those changes will be gone at the next Joomla! update which, by the way, you should consider since latest version of J! 1.5 is 1.5.26, all the updates since the .20 version being security fixes.

    So, you should follow Troester's advise and start looking to another provider. They are plenty out there that don"t need to mess with core files.
  11. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community

    I agree with you guys that situation is not very comfortable and i'm not the one as I see, below translation of article I found in our national net ( google translate ) I can't move website at the moment. I'm sure if back end can work with this changes frontend must be possible to adopt as well.

    At the moment I fix problem temporary by removing folder name in settings and put custom link in table settings
    I have two tables with second I have the same issue - what is funny this fix do not help with second table.
  12. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community
    I spoke with them one more time, they told is due to MySQL Engine upgrade first to 5.5.9 then to 5.5.21
  13. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    You posted on a Saturday. Nowhere do we say anything about providing weekend support. For Bronze level support, we do our absolute best to respond within one working day, and (where possible) provide a fix or workaround for any reproducible bugs within 3 working days. Also, you need to factor in time zones, depending on which member(s) of Fabrik staff are on duty at the time, and the difference between your time zone and theirs.

    So, I'm about 5 hours in to my working Monday, which is not a bad response time.

    OK ... now I'll take a look at rest of the thread and see what I can come up with.

    -- hugh
  14. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    OK, first off ... as per JFQ's comment, I've been supporting J! and Fabrik for years, for literally tens of thousands of users, and never come across a provider that requires changes in the core code. Years ago, in J! 1.0.x, there was occasionally some issues with sites installed within subfolders on certain versions of certain operating systems, but that has never been the case with 1.5.x.

    On my 1.5 test server I'm running 1.5.22, with MySQL 5.5.20, and I can't replicate this problem. My Joomla install is in a subfolder of the main webroot, /joomla, same as yours. It shouldn't matter whether you specify your upload with with or without a a preceeding /, as our code is built to handle either case. But regardless, your specified path should always be relative to J!'s root, not the webroot.

    Do you know if the server you are on is a Linux (or some other variant of UNIX) or Windows server?

    The only way I can get this fixed for you by Wednesday is by getting on your server and adding some debug code. You'll need to find me on Skype ('cheesegrits'). Remember to add a note to your initial contact request, so I know who you are.

    I'll probably be up till about 3am CST (GMT-6) tonight.

    -- hugh
  15. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community

    I think I didn't recognize it was a weekend ;D Any way thanks you start working about my problem.

    Not bad - You are in US i'm in Central EU ;D
    Server is some Unix variation called IdeaWebServer Unfortuneatly they do not provide any other info about ver. or rel.

    Now form created is funcional however few things are not fully funcional f.e. date time picker is shown but click on it do not give any effect. CSV imort reacting export not at all. Any way we have time now.

    There is one more thing I dig out durring last two days.
    My real website address is http://tomuservice.home.pl/
    http://tomuservice.com/ is just a domain that is redirected to /joomla/

    Going that way I put http://tomuservice.home.pl/ in to configuration.php in to line with var $ live_site = 'http://tomuservice.home.pl/';

    most of my other components ( graphic components ) stop working after this change but Fabrik allow me to use delete button and it works. Somehow custom link has been add automaticly and this is how I found my temporary fix. Leater on I come back to old var $ live_site = 'http://tomuservice.com/' line to reduce graphic problems.
  16. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    OK, this should now be fixed on your site and in SVN. It was a corner case bug, where JPATH_SITE is just /. We were doing a str_replace of JPATH_SITE to an empty string to turn the full path into a relative one, instead of a preg_match() and anchoring the search to the start of the path. End result ... we stripped all the /'s out of the path, instead of just removing JPATH_SITE from the start of it.

    This would only have affect a very tiny handful of sites, where the site itself (i.e. the web server) is jailed (chrooted) to J!'s own root folder. So instead of the JPATH_SITE being the usual /var/www/html or /home/whatever/public_html, it ends up just being /.

    FYI, I've also fixed 3.0's code in github.

    -- hugh
  17. tomu

    tomu New Member

    Level: Community
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I tested both forms I creted already with Fabrik. Both upload forms are working, forms uploading files in right folder without custom link. Still left problem of non reacting buttons and links. I belive that reason is similar, so I don't remove your account from my backend. I will try to contact you on skype like today to keep my word given today. Buttons and CSV links are not so urgent any more so slowly step by step we will get them back to work.;D;D;D

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