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force number format in a numeric field

Discussion in 'Community' started by cap, May 21, 2020.

  1. cap

    cap Member

    Level: Community
    hello i want that a numeric field musta have x.y format
    how do i force that?
    i did that
    In formatting format I put "Decimals"
    Full length I put "1"
    Decimal length I put "1"
    "Yes" number format
    thousands separator =#00
    decimal separator =#46

    i tried also [0-9].[0-9] in mask definition

    but in the field value i have always this 0#460 as default
    Last edited: May 21, 2020
  2. cap

    cap Member

    Level: Community
    i have found in fabrik wiki this link for the input mask options
    but it is not working

    ok seems that inserting
    9.9 would work
    only thing is that the field value when i lod the new record is not empty, it has some value in it(probably the last used)
  3. cap

    cap Member

    Level: Community
    ok solved
    i need to put , and . instead of
    thousands separator =#00
    decimal separator =#46
    don t know whay those numbers where there

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