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Get value based on 2 fields

Discussion in 'Community' started by bencsikzoli, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. bencsikzoli

    bencsikzoli New Member

    Level: Community

    Table 1
    ID, Event type, Position, Point

    Table 2
    ID, Player, Event, Event type, Position, Point

    Into table 2 I want to get to display and of course record the point based on the event type and position from table 1.

    In table 2 event type in a cascading dropdown calculated from the event. I tried to concatinate event type and position in both tables and get the value with a cascading dropdown but I got internal error message.

    If a Fabrikar expert could contact me in private that would be good. I tried the 'recruit an expert' on the website but haven't receied any reply so far.

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