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Hello from a newbe

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by John Nicolson, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. John Nicolson

    John Nicolson New Member

    Level: Community
    Have just put a database of shipwrecks on my web site and noticed you can have a google map but cant find where you download the plugin, could some kind person steer me in the right direction...;)
  2. achartier

    achartier Active Member

    Level: Community
    Google map plugin requires a bronze or silver subscription. Once you subscribe you will find it in the plugin downloads section.
  3. kenvinlee89

    kenvinlee89 New Member

    Level: Community
    Im new in here, Hope to enjoy this forum
  4. hamriver

    hamriver New Member

    Level: Community
    A big warm welcome to this board. lol...:D
  5. pcom

    pcom New Member

    Level: Community
    Welcome :)
  6. brownl

    brownl New Member

    Level: Community
    Welcome,I am new here too. I know this forum form my friends, hope I have a good time here.
  7. marabert

    marabert New Member

    Level: Community
    is possible make a .zip installable app?
  8. Sophist

    Sophist Well-Known Member

    Level: Community
    marabert: This is a general chit-chat forum for unimportant hellos etc. Please ask your question in a new thread in the appropriate community forum.

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