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Help for Developing Medical Profile Form

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by rchowdhryr, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. rchowdhryr

    rchowdhryr New Member

    Level: Standard
    Hi There
    I am trying to develop a Medical Profile Form
    I want to achieve the following objectives.


    • Registered Patients on the site should be able to submit the medical profile
      first they will accept the terms and conditions and only then the form should appear for them.
      Patients will review their own record only
      I do not want table view instead it should be form view
      Patients can update their profile but every update should be recorded as a new record instead of editing the old record (to mailtain the chain of changes in the records)
      No one will be allowed to delete any record.


    • Doctors will view the list of their patients and a link to medical profile
      on clicking the link "Medical Profile" Doctor will view the entire medical profile of that patient with the latest record
      Doctor will not be able to update/edit or delete records except Doctor's comments field which can be added and updated as new record and will be viewed by doctor only and not by patient.


    Administrator will be able to review data in table form with all the history of all the records i.e. with the date when the changes were made by patients etc.

    I have already divided the entire form into 6 different segments and each segment has been created as a group
    all the elements have been created for each group

    Not only I am new to Fabrik but I am new to programming too.

    I am looking for help to organize groups created by me to achieve the objectives listed above.

    any suggestion is welcome.

    I am seeking help in particular

    • How to display data in form format instead of table format for patients and doctors.
      How to ensure that patient should see only his own latest data.
      How to create table for doctors with link to open record in form template instead of table template.
      How to ensure that system create new record for every update.
      Should I keep seperate table for each group or create one table for all the groups
      I am thinking of creating seperate table for each group so that new update record will be only in the relevent table and it will keep database size low.
      But in this case how can I pick up only the latest record from each group to construct complete profile and display the same for patinet and doctor.

    I am sorry if I am not clear on my thoughts

    Please help me how to move forward with tips and suggestions with code examples.

    thanks in advance

  2. echologic

    echologic New Member

    Level: Community
    Hi Raj,

    Thanks for laying out what you want in such a nice fashion, however much of what your asking for is not possible. You may want to leave the history part out for the moment and concentrate on the other sections, posting us when you have a specific question.

    -Graylan King

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