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Discussion in 'Community' started by rodeokid, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Hi dear community... i am literally in love with Fabrik.
    I am using it to build a complete ERP system for our plant... everything so far works well, but now i need an idea please.

    I have a list with employees assiduity profile... so foremans can add report for any absence or delay. If one employee go to his profile page, he can see his own absence and delay list with the use of id filters (i use community builder profile page with Frabik plugin).

    But what i would like is this: if a foreman goes to the profile page of an employee, you could see this employee's assiduity list in a tab... but how can i filter with the id of the employee's profile page instead of the current user's id ??

    Any idea how can i achieve this easily ? How to filter a list depending on which profile i am visiting ?

    Thanks !!!
  2. Sophist

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    I will leave this to others to answer the question actually asked, but just a reminder to set all Access permissions on Lists, Groups and Elements appropriately to prevent users from seeing details for other people that they are not entitled to see by hand crafting an appropriate URL, and to undertake some security penetration testing to confirm that this is indeed not possible.
  3. rodeokid

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    Yes All access are ok. Thanks.
  4. cheesegrits

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    My suggestion, if you are building a business app, would be to get a paid sub.

    -- hugh

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