1. The latest github version resolves some issues with the Joomla 3.4 update, and so far seems to be working well with 3.4. You must update from github if you have already updated J! to 3.4. If you have not already updated J!, we would suggest waiting until we release Fabrik 3.2.1, after another day or two of testing.


Discussion in 'Community Support' started by UnlimiteDesigns, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    Can someone please help as i can not get fabrik 2.0b to install.
    using Joomla 1.5 PHP 5.5 Linux OS
    when i go into Joomla and select install/unistall go to the directory on my pc select the zipped folder click on upload and install and comes back with the error no package selected
    someone please help as i really need to get this up and running to do some testing
    thank you for your help in advance
  2. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
    Hmmm. Which version of J! 1.5 is this? We're working with 1.5.3, and we know it installs OK on that ...

    -- hugh
  3. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    version 1.5.0.
    is Joomla easy to upgrade to the new version?
    i will look in to that today.
    thank you for your reply
  4. terp Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
  5. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    it went all wrong so i have reinstalled the new version full 1.5.3 package had problems backing up.
    when i try to upload from Joomla it says ftp server not compatible with joomla.
    so i cant instal fabrik. i uploaded the fabrik folder through my hosting company and it is on the server but no idea what to do now so am stuck.
    if you could give me some pointers to move on be greatly appreciated.
  6. terp Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    You definitely have to use the installers to get it installed the first time, then could ftp the SVN files when you update your install.

    I assume you tried unzipping the Fabrik 2.0 files on your computer locally, then login to your Joomla install and go to extensions -> install/uninstall and enter the location of your unzipped files in the "Install from Directory" field?
  7. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    i have tried that but what file do you select?
    is there a manual way of doing this like adding the folders then hacking a file to add it in then install that way?
    there must be a backdoor way of installing this as i just not get it to upload.

    linus os
    apache 2.2.8 (Unix)
    php 5.2.6
    mysql 5.0.51
    this is the hosting company setup could any of this be the problem?
    thank you for all your help
  8. terp Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    I only go through the frontdoor, so not sure, but don't think so, but if you:

    -download the SVN and 'export' the files into a local directory
    -cut the fabrik.xml from the \administrator\components\com_fabrik directory
    -paste in the root of your SVN folder
    -install from this directory within Joomla

    There shouldn't be an issue. You tried it this way?
  9. Tigratrus Senior Member

    Level: Standard

    I've put up an installable .zip of Fab 2.0 SVN 191 and put a link to the file in my sig if that helps?

    James and Susan
  10. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    i've tried that something between Joomla and my hosting company don't seem to like each other when i put my ftp settings in comes back with an error and won't upload so i will speak to my hosting company as well and joomla forum see if someone can shed some light on the problem.
    thank you for all your help
  11. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    thank you how to i install this though?
  12. Tigratrus Senior Member

    Level: Standard
    You have to go to your Joomla! 1.5 backend (joomlaroot/administrator), login as a Superadmin, then go to menu items "Extensions" -> "Install/Uninstall". In the "Install from URL" paste in http://www.ikeafans.com/fabrik2.0.zip and click the install button. I'd probably download the file and browse to it locally so you have a copy, but installing from the URL will be a faster way to test and see if it'll work for you or if your Joomla installation simply won't let you install things.

    If it won't install, my gut response is that you've probably got some folder permissions set wrong. Best bet would be to dig around in the Joomla! forums and see if you can get them straightened out, which is sort of what I think you said was your next step, so you're headed in the right direction ;). This just gives you a quick way to test where the problem may be.

    James and Susan
  13. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    Once again thank you for your help.
    this is the error i get when i try to do it from the url link "Remote Server connection failed, failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found
    Invalid URL "

    do you have a clue what this may mean.

  14. Tigratrus Senior Member

    Level: Standard
    Gak. Sorry... I'd suggest running some searches for that error as well the other's you're having over on the Joomla.org forum. It might be a server config problem? Defintely sounds (as you mentioned before) like a problem with J! either not being configured right or having problems with your host's server setup.

    James and Susan
  15. Tigratrus Senior Member

    Level: Standard

    Try downloading a copy to your local machine and then using the "Upload Package File" section instead of trying to install from a URL. I ran a test on my end and got the same problem you did ???. Should work fine from a local copy though...

    James and Susan
  16. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
    Check your PHP config (Joomla backend, System Info), see if allow_url_fopen is enabled.

    -- hugh
  17. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    Thank you for the reply sorry i might be a bit slow on this but where do i find this?
    i have had a look at the configuration.php file and nothing in there so not sure where you mean. cheers
  18. Tigratrus Senior Member

    Level: Standard
    Go to your Joomla! Adminstrator panel. Should be located at joomlaroot/adminstrator so if you have Joomla installed at the root of a site called widgets.com you would go to http://[URL="http://www.widgets.com/administrator"]www.widgets.com/administrator[/URL] then login as a Superadmin user.

    1. On the menu bar at the top of the admin panel click on the "Help" option (should be just to the left of "Tools").

    2. When that drops down select "System Info"

    3. You sould see options for :
    System Info
    PHP Settings
    Configuration File
    Directory Permissions
    PHP Information

    4. Select PHP Information.

    5. Scroll down to the section for PHP Core (second major section)
    the value you're looking for should be the second of third value there.

    But, again, if you just download the file and use the Browse button in the Upload Package File section of the install screen you can bypass any problems with opening it remotely. I personally wouldn't try troubleshooting that at the moment though, it's just adding more complexity to the problem.

    James and Susan
  19. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    Can i upload via filezilla as my hosting company do not allow uploading through joomla due to me having free hosting?
  20. UnlimiteDesigns New Member

    Level: Community
    this is driving me mad i seem to be having trouble ftp from filezilla but i can ftp from my CPanel which is provided by my hosting company.
    so i am at a loss so can anyone help and point me in a direction which could resolve me issues.
    Appreciated Jason

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