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Is this possible with Fabrik?

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by dee, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    hello, i subscribed (bronze) to fabrik a couple of days ago with the hope to find a good documentation, as fabrik is quite complex... after spending several hours on the tutorials and the wiki, i still cannot say for sure if what i want to accomplish is possible with fabrik... is this the right place to sum-up my intentions, so that one could tell me if its possible? if not, where can i find this info?
  2. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Standard
    Yes, post here what you want to do.

    Don't forget to tell which fabrik version (Joomla1.7/2.5+fabrik3 or Joomla1.5+fabrik2) you are running.
  3. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    great! using joomla1.5 + fabrik2 (just switched because with joomla 2.5 + fabrik3 i got too many errors...)

    what i want to do is a database-app where the admin:

    1. can create differnet user (customers) in the backend [obviously i can do that with joomla]
    2. add extra infos to each customer "branches-table". for example customerX has several branches (branch1, branch2 etc.). [this i could accomplish with fabrik so far]
    then the customer should be able to login in the frontend and:

    • select a branch (for example customerX selects branch2)
    • on the same screen, fill in contact details for a recipient (which will be saved in the DB for later use "recipient-table")
    • or choose one recipient from the "recipient-table" (linked with the customer-No. = i mean all branches of customerX have the same recipients)
    • ideally when he starts typing in field recipient-name, a popup or dropdown shows after the third letter results matching the "recipient-table")
    • on "continue" there should appear a new screen where he can add several details of the shipment, which will be saved in the "shipment-table" (linked with the customer-No.)
    • upon "send" i need to be able to insert a hook where a pdf will be generated, opened for print and also saved on the server (and also marked as true on a field "PDF" in "shipment-table")
    later, the customer should be able to view

    • all of his shipments (no edit)
    • all his recipients (and edit them)
    my trouble is, i could write that app from scratch, but i dont have the time... this is why i thought i could try and use fabrik (or similar joomla extensions) in order to speed up my development process (would come in handy for future projects as well if this works!)

    i hope that what i am trying to do is possible and hopefully one can point me to the right direction

    best regards and thanks in advance!
  4. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Standard
    first the "easy" ones.
    This is table/list access settings and table/list pre-filter (assuming your customer-no is the Joomla userid (i.e. a fabrik user element) you'll prefilter with WHERE customerid(raw) EQUALS {$my->id})
    A database join element to recipients, autocomplete (or dropdown) with frontend add option for adding new recipients.

    Continue...: you can add a redirect submission plugin redirecting to the shipping form or - if you want to join customer and shipping table - you can create a multipage form.

    Send hook: you can add a php form submission plugin where you can do any sort or coding

    I hope this will give you some ideas.
  5. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    ok, i'll try to figure that out, thanks so far! i guess i will have some more questions later on...
    on "select a branch (for example customerX selects branch2)" i guess this is also a multipage form, where customerX selects a branch with prefilter on customerid again. can this be a dropdown-field?

    i tried yesterday the "adding new recipients" with customerX, it worked, but after logging in with user customerY, he could see all recipients of the other users as well. is the solution here as well to prefilter with customerid?
  6. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    slowly i am getting there... for now i managed the following:
    the logged in user can:

    menu-link "recipients":
    view, add, edit recipients

    menu-link "shipment":
    select a branch (out of the branches he is allowed to select)
    select a recipient (out of the recipients he is allowed to select)
    select a few other things...

    here the problems start...
    i tried joins etc. but there must be something i am doing wrong...

    the following feature(s) would be great for the menu "shipment":
    1. instead of only selecting a recipient, the user should be able to add here a new one as well. the new recipient should be saved in the table "recipients" after pressing "send" on the form
    2. if the user selects an existing recipient from the dropdown, all data should be visible...

    possible solutions:
    A. maybe there could be always empty fields beneath the "select recipient" dropdown, which get prefilled after selecting, or which the user can fill with a new recipient...
    B. there is no "select recipient" dropdown at all, but only the empty fields, and when the user starts typing in one of them, he gets a matching selection with existing recipients to choose from (for example after the 3rd letter), or he continues typing to create a new recipient

    i guess option A is easier to implement?
    if yes, what is the best way to accomplish this?
    i could also send you the login to the test-site if that helps
    (data is in german, but i can translate all if you want)
    send me a message if you need the login...

    many thanks in advance!
  7. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    "friendly bump"?
  8. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Re 1, have you tried the "Add option in front end" option on the Recipient join element?

    -- hugh
  9. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    thanks for replying! i am not even that far... i just cant get the JOIN to work... it completely messes up my data. for example after trying the JOIN, i didnt see the data i entered before the JOIN in the backend anymore.

    i am loosing my faith in this tool (while it si great, when it comes to more complex stuff the learning curve is very steap). went almost through all the tutorials. managed to get a JOIN to work on two other tables (where i dont need one though), but on the issue above i cant get it done!

    is there a way somebody could walk me through this? maybe on a PM-basis? i MUST be missing something... as i have only time since the end of this week to present a first mockup of the functionality, i am starting to panic a bit... any chance for paid support? i mean somebody gets this feature done for me? if yes, how much would it cost?
  10. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    ok, now i managed to understand what you mean by "join". a database-join of the element and NOT a table join... i enabled "Add option in front end" but this behaves veeery strange. the popup keeps automatically resizing and when i manage to enter something, it empties the data after next resize (resizes once a second)...? there must be a bug. sometimes i get the following error for 1-3 seconds and then it disappears:
    Error Loading XMLHttpRequest
    Make sure all of your content is uploaded to your server, and that you are attempting to load a document from the same domain as this page. XMLHttpRequests will not work on your local machine.

    is it possible to get this option without a popup?
    is it a bug?
    or did a miss something?

    and again the question:
    it would be nice to show the data (or some of the data) of the selected recipient, no matter if the solution is via popup or not...

  11. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    PS. the error didnt got fixed with the SVN update...
  12. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    and maybe it is relevant: the joomla-installation is and will be on a subdomain
  13. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Our AJAX calls should work even on a subdirectory.

    The main issue is whether your "live site" URL in J! is configured to be the same that you access your site with. For instance, if J! is using foo.com, and you access with www.foo.com, you'll need an htaccess rewrite rule to 303 redirect from www.foo.com to foo.com.

    If you can point me at the page in question, I'll take a look at it. Your description of the popup behavior is not something I've ever seen before.

    -- hugh
  14. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    thanks for answering! i just PMed you
  15. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Woah, that is pretty funky. Never seen it do that before.

    Can you switch to using the Joomla Mootools Upgrade? A system plugin which should have been installed with J! >= 1.5.19. Just needs to be published, and we'll automatically use it. That enables Mootools 1.2.5. You are currently running with a vintage Mootools 1.11 from 2006, which may (or may not) explain the bizarre behavior of the + feature. Even if it doesn't, that's the only version of Moo we now support in 2.x.

    Let me know ...

    And in reply to your "how about Skype" ... I like to have at least one round of attempting to fix tings through the forums, before I escalate to Skype. Just not enough hours in the day to immediately escalate all issues.

    If using the J! Moo update doesn't fix this, yeah, find me on Skype. No fixed time, I'm as likely to be working at 3am as 3pm. I'm on CST (GMT-6).

    -- hugh

    -- hugh
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  16. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    right! enabling mootools1.2.5 fixed that! thanks!

    next questions:

    after logging in on the frontend, enter "SENDUNG ERSTELLEN", click on the BLUE "ADD"-icon next to "Adressant", create a new recipient, save, then try to select from the dropdown "Adressant".
    it is not possible...
    if you have a look inside the data in the backend (table "Adressanten"), then you see that the "User ID" has not been saved. but it gets saved when i perform the same task from the menu "Adressanten"-Add NEW (green plus-icon). so is this a bug, or did i miss something out?

    i would like to show the selection of the dropdown "Adressant" right underneath, maybe in a textarea, not possible to get changed. is this possible?

    in "Sendung erstellen", if somebody enters a new "Adressant" with the blue-plus-icon, after saving, this new entry should be default selected in the dropdown and shown inside the textarea (see question2)

    4. on some fields i dont want to show the label (for example on SENDUNGEN ERSTELLEN - SAMSTAG). i didnt find an option to disable the label. the only solution i found was to delete the label-text. that works, but marks this element RED in element-view. could this be a problem, or is there another solution?

    5. is it possible to add text after a field? for example in SENDUNGEN ERSTELLEN:
    "Versicherungswert" |FIELD| €
    "Gewicht" |FIELD| kg

    sorry it is a lot of questions, but i need to present the first mockup by tomorrow, so i am a bit devestated...

    about skype: i perfectly understand that! thanks for the great support so far!
  17. dee

    dee Member

    Level: Community
    "friendly bump"

    i dont want to be pushy, but a short answer like "we are looking into it", or "next week again", or whatever, would be sufficient! all i need is to plan this project realistically and the last thing i wanna do is getting on your nerves ;D coz you guys are really doing a great job with this great tool, and surely, i am not the only one needing support...
  18. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    The login you gave me (testuser1) doesn't have backend access.

    -- hugh
  19. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Ooops, just found the other (admin) login you gave me.

    -- hugh
  20. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Working on a local test case, seeing why the userid isn't being set when submitted through AJAX via a popup.

    -- hugh
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