Issue w/ IE 10 (Windows 8) and Ajax

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by sconsulting, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. sconsulting New Member

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    When I view an "ajaxified" list with IE10 on Windows 8 everything is ok on the initial load. However when I reload the list all of the AJAX functionality is gone, in the IE10 error console I receive the following JS-error:

    SCRIPT5009: 'Fabrik' is undefined line 49 character 25

    I've tested the list in IE9 on Windows 7 without any issues.
  2. sconsulting New Member

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    very friendly bump
  3. sconsulting New Member

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    Is nobody able to replicate this issue?
  4. sconsulting New Member

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    friendly bump
  5. rob Administrator

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    Hmm im still on windows 7, not sure I'll be updating to 8 any time soon, and for now windows 7 / ie 10 is only a pre release version
    Ill install that and see what happens.....
  6. sconsulting New Member

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    Ok thanks. We have to design an app. for a client who already uses Windows 8 / IE 10. It would be nice if we could utilize Fabrikar, but for that it needs to work with IE 10
  7. sconsulting New Member

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    rob, were you able to reproduce the issue? I should finish this project soon and would like to do it with Fabrikar.

  8. sconsulting New Member

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    final friendly bump before refund request
  9. sconsulting New Member

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    final friendly bump before refund request
  10. rob Administrator

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    I've just refunded your account - fyi we were working on this issue, but it proves difficult as it related to a third party library that we were using for script loading which had a bug in ie10. We now think we may have a solution in github.
  11. kebmsmith Member

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    I've got this same problem "fabrik" is undefined in an Ajax call. If I update from github, is there any confidence this might be fixed? I'm going to do it, regardless, just to be current, but I have a question:

    Is it really necessary for you to package up your .gitignore file with the repository? I'd like to be able to maintain control of my own .gitignore settings and not have them overwritten (or have to remember to save a copy) every time I update from github.

    Is this reasonable? Do you have a suggestion for syntax of the wget command that I can use to simply update everything except .gitignore?
  12. kebmsmith Member

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    "'Fabrik' is undefined.": Internet Explorer sucks

    (but we still have to work with it).

    I have updated to the lastest github commit and I still have this problem:

    "Line 147 Error: 'Fabrik' is undefined."

    If I View->Source and go to line 147, I see:

    Fabrik.liveSite = ''; = new FloatingTips('.fabrikTip', {"tipfx":"Fx.Transitions.Linear",


    Right after that there is an error:

    "Line 192 Error: Object expected"

    Line 192 in the source is the second line of a call to .addElements, like so:

    25:[new FbInternalId('cc1_critters_reservations___id', {"repeatcounter":0,


    Where do you think we should look? My main question is this:

    If this is a Fabrik bug that can't be quickly fixed, can you spot a workaround so I can generate code that does not use the feature that is buggy, and thus get my Internet Explorer-using customers out of the ditch?
  13. rob Administrator

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    what ajax call triggers the error can you post an example url please?
    Re gitignore not sure that we can do much about that at the moment. Depending on what you need changing you might be able to add additonal local ignore rules by using git/info/exclude (

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