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Jobs track application

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Steji, May 3, 2017.

  1. Steji

    Steji New Member

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    Few years back I was working in a printing shop. I had to keep track of all the printing jobs (details, clients, arriving date, delivery date, who, when and where and many other things). I use to keep all the data in an Excel spreadsheet, hard to see all the data in one view, hard to print due the amount of data... a pain in the... if you catch my drift.
    Then I learn to play with J!. Then I start to wonder "What if I build an app?". I start to build it. First from scratch. Got stuck! I found an extension (I will not mention it here). It did its job until a certain point. I had to create the add form, the edit form, the details form and start to code the viewlist form. Wandering in the support forum searching for some answer someone direct me to Fabrik.
    - the original idea lit me up about 6 years ago. I was coding from time to time (in my spare time, when I remembered) since then. Never got it working at full, as I imagined in the first place.
    - I found Fabrik about two weeks ago. And now I have a full working app and working as I imagined.
    Thank you, Fabrik! Thank you!
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