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List Pre-filter Eval Ajax Value not stored in DB

Discussion in 'Community' started by nbradshaw, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. nbradshaw

    nbradshaw Member

    Level: Community
    Hi -

    I have an calc element that I want to use as a pre-filter. However, I want to have the list pre-filter based on the Ajax value that shows in the list (as the value has not yet been stored in the db).

    The pre-filter works fine if the value 'Submitted' is stored in the DB - however, if it's not - the pre-filter does not filter out 'Submitted'.

    Any ideas how to do this?
  2. lousyfool

    lousyfool Active Member

    Level: Community

    Makes sense, as the list pre-filter can only work on values existing in the database. If an entire DB column is empty, then there's nothing to pre-filter on.

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