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Looking for a Manufacturing Project to join

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by factoryfouroh, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. factoryfouroh

    factoryfouroh New Member

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    I have been using Fabrik for a while as I build my project for the factory and warehouse floor. I do not have formal IT training so I am not a DBA or a coder, but I have a lot of real-world manufacturing experience with formal diesel-electric mechanical training. I currently work as a production engineer for a PCB contract builder doing ROHS and other EU-compliance scrubbing on BOMs. In the past I worked as tool and die maker, rebuilt punch-presses and worked in a warehouse rebuilding city buses.

    If you have a compatible project I may join you to form a team, or join your team if you have a use for me. My strongest skills are currently on the internet I build infrastructure from ground-up using Virtualmin, Yunohost, Iredmail, and I have sufficient understanding of IT vocabulary and I also have some writing skills in English. I Love Linux I use Linux since 1992.

    I am hoping to learn a great deal about project development, team work, begin to work with PhP, and lets hope we are not going to waste each other's time and effort. So the project must me a perfect fit - manufacturing and the electronics component industry, production equipment data, metal alloys or polymers, environmental regulations. My own project is based on Industry 4.0 advancements and concepts. My focusing on the home-based or small business not able to afford the cost of enterprise-level services, and not willing to risk the business on whole-sale solutions with no path gradual implementations.

    My ultimate goal is to form an advocacy group to train blue-collar low-wage workers for new roles on the factory floor, and help the self-motivated to succeed in Manufacturing and in the Warehouse. I monitor my postmaster email at factoryfouroh dev.

    Thanks for reading.
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