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May 19th Nightly Hosed

Discussion in 'Fabrik 2.0 Beta Testing' started by RWalters, May 22, 2009.

  1. RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    ...some element/validation 'debugger' stuff left over in there; I install the nightly, navigate to elements, click one to edit, instantly fires firebug and points to the debugger line:

    Code (text):

    95 addValidation: function(pluginHTML, plugin){
    96 debugger;
    97 var td = new Element('td', {'colspan':'2'});
    98 td.innerHTML = pluginHTML;
    99 var td = new Element('td', {'colspan':'2'});
    100 var str = '';
    101 this.plugins.each(function(aPlugin){
    102 if(aPlugin.value == plugin){
    103 str += pluginHTML;
    104 }else{
    105 str += aPlugin.html;
    106 }
    107 }.bind(this));
    ...just letting you know for those who download the build and not familar with the SVN. ;) Once this fires, it's totally kaputz and can't save/edit/change/nothing in the backend.
  2. RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    ...but see a Rob "Final settings for next release!" commit and the cache issue addressed, so I'll take the SVN for a trest drive and might make the previous point moot if I smell a (big quotes) "stable" just around the corner? :)
  3. RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    ...latest SVN impacted, too. Looks to be the adminelement.js, perhaps?
  4. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
    Hey guess what - I can duplicate this one. ;)

    Commented out the debugger line in SVN.

    I'm expecting several more RC releases before the first 'stable'. We're working on RC4 now, we'll probably need an RC5. But at least we're down to mostly shake-out bugs, only one or two nasties in the queue right now.

    -- hugh
  5. RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    Geez, if you party poopers keep duplicating these, I may have to change to signature...perhaps to something like...oh... :)

    ///$$$rob do we need this!? should it not be done elsewhere - HUGH!!! :D
    // $$$ hugh - you're asking ME???

    I removed it in the the file...don't think you committed the changes yet and wanted to play with some cache. :)
  6. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
    Ooops. Yeah, I'd forgotten to commit. Done it now, #1695.

    LOL! There are several exchanges like that embedded in the code.

    -- hugh

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