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Moving a site and changing the Fabrik Connection

Discussion in 'Fabrik 3.x Testing' started by futuron, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. futuron Member

    Level: Professional
    Hi there,

    After having moved a 1.6.3 site (using Akeeba 3.2.7) we encountered a problem with the database connection.

    Two things.

    Ususally (on 1.5.23 sites) after having moved a website (either manually or using akeeba) the first thing we do is open the active database connection, in fabrik, and it will auto-fill that with the current/new database information.

    Fabrik 3 doesn't do this.

    We then noticed it still fancied a connection to the old database, even though we could verify the correct new information using the Administrator panel. When we looked in the database, in the connections table for fabrik we still saw the old database information there.

    Leading a secret second database life? =]
  2. rob Administrator

    Level: Community

    that's an intentional change. People were not getting that they had to save the form, as for them the details looked correct. You now have to ensure you enter the correct details.

    I've updated the svn today so that only valid connections can be saved, and the session connection is also removed upon save, which is probably what you were seeing when the db connection info was correct but you were still unable to connect

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