1. Hugh (cheesegrits) here. Thank you for all the good wishes. My back surgery was a success, post-op recovery is going well, and I'm getting stronger and feeling better every day. I hope to be getting back in the saddle and working support again over the next few days.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE - we have made some changes in our github branch naming. The 'master' branch no longer exists, and is now called 'joomla25' (which is Fabrik 3.0). The 'joomla3' branch (which is Fabrik 3.2) remains unchanged. We have also removed all the other testing branches which had accuulated over the last few years. I have posted a thread in the Community forum for 3.0 with some more information, feel free to as questions there.

Not able to download ...

Discussion in 'About fabrikar.com' started by RobDinges, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. RobDinges New Member

    Level: Community

    I would like to download the "Fabrik plugin 2.0rc2" but it doesn't show a hyperlink there (and not with any other downloadable file).
    Does this have something to do with my account status or is there something wrong with the site?

    Btw, is there already a manual available (I can't find it in the download section)?

  2. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community

    We think we broke docman when we were fixing another issue this morning with the new site.

    Rob is working on it now. Quote "bloody docman" unquote.

    -- hugh
  3. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
  4. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
    OK, docman should be fixed now.

    -- hugh
  5. RobDinges New Member

    Level: Community
    It works again!

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