1. Fabrik 3.5.2 is now available to download. Read the blog for highlights about this release.

    As always, please back up your site prior to updating and if possible test in a dev environment first.

    Also, our 3.5.1 package file was hacked, the effected dates were 1/15/2017 - 1/17/2017. If during those days you downloaded the 3.5.1 package file from the JED or our site download page, please re-install the package with a fresh copy or upgrade to Fabrik 3.5.2. Github downloads were not effected.

only user acces view data?

Discussion in 'Subscriber Support' started by pepinis, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. pepinis

    pepinis New Member

    Level: Community
    Where is "only user acces view data" ???

    I use Rev. 151 :-\
  2. andrelewis

    andrelewis New Member

    Level: Standard
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