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Packages not working, so can I...

Discussion in 'Community' started by psyfer, May 31, 2016.

  1. psyfer

    psyfer New Member

    Level: Community
    Good day,

    I see that the 'Packages' doesn't work at all. Can't find any answers for it in forums as well.
    So how would I go about moving say a list with the group/form and it's elements over to another Fabrik?
    I assume the additional tables (your own data tables) that's created will need to be recreated in the other instance, as well as the default com_fabrik_list, _form,.. and so on?

    However, if the new Fabrik already have it's own data will it still work?

    OR is it possible to create a connection to the other fabrik, then re-select the connection that the list is using?

    If you make another connection but still leave the default one, what will happen? Nothing? until you specify in your content to use a different connection? Or will it duplicate the current data to the new connection?

    It's actually quite disappointing that the packages does not work, as that would be so great. I'll then be able to easily create default packages for tedious things like member basic info, banking details and such. So that I won't have to recreate them all the time. Perhaps it should be a professional paid feature, that be great. Like Zoo does it with apps. Or something like that..

  2. nusilmar

    nusilmar Member

    Level: Community
    I feel you , dude ... i'm struggling with the same problem. What i do, usualy and VERY CAREFULLY is to export the SQL's through phpMyAdmin and import on the other server. For me it would be the most secure way to do that. But you are right, it would be a wonderful option if it worked.

    The tables i usually export and import are the ones fabrik related and the ones used by my apps.
  3. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Packages are not working and deprecated.

    The form's "content type" feature is very useful.
    In the form listing do an "Export" of the form you want to use on an other site.
    You'll get a new file your-form.xml in administrator\components\com_fabrik\models\content_types
    Copy this file to the same place in your other site.
    Create a new list and select this file in the "Content type" select.
    This will create a list with form/groups/elements and related tables like your original one.
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  4. psyfer

    psyfer New Member

    Level: Community
    Hi troester, wow! This helped me out so much.
    I was able to get the imports working with the content types. It's such a cool feature I never knew about.
    The only problem I encountered was that for some reason the collation of the imported tables/fields was defaulted to the swedish ci which messed up some things and caused allot of errors in Fabrik. Of course I force changed it to utf8_general_ci..

    But thanks I appreciate the info you're the best! :D

  5. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    What is the default collation on your database? As far as I know, we don't force a collation when creating those tables, we just use the default.

    -- hugh

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