1. Hugh (cheesegrits) here. Thank you for all the good wishes. My back surgery was a success, post-op recovery is going well, and I'm getting stronger and feeling better every day. I hope to be getting back in the saddle and working support again over the next few days.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE - we have made some changes in our github branch naming. The 'master' branch no longer exists, and is now called 'joomla25' (which is Fabrik 3.0). The 'joomla3' branch (which is Fabrik 3.2) remains unchanged. We have also removed all the other testing branches which had accuulated over the last few years. I have posted a thread in the Community forum for 3.0 with some more information, feel free to as questions there.

Problem with Visualization

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by ruavol2, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. ruavol2 New Member

    Level: Standard
    I'm using the latest version of fabrik with Joomla 1.5 and having problems making my own chart visualization. I've gotten the generic pre-built one to work just fine (the "Events" one). I tried to make my own fabrik table, group, form, and elements for an existing calendar visualization. And I made sure to completely replicate (as far as I could tell) the working ones. I started off by creating a mysql table in my database with 5 fields (ID as INT type with AUTO_INCREMENT and Primary Key, StartDate as DATE type, EndDate as DATE type, Description as TEXT type, and CreatedBy as TEXT type). Then I made my own table, group, form, and elements that exactly mirrored those existing ones, but using my mysql table instead. Then I added this fabrik table to the calendar visualization. The calendar shows up just fine, and if I try to add an event it gets added to the database table and fabrik table, but it never shows up on the calendar.
    Any ideas/thoughts or help is greatly appreciated.
  2. rob Administrator

    Level: Community
    hi did you close this thread on purpose as you have got things working?
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