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Quiz team website/workflow

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Jaanus, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Jaanus

    Jaanus Super Moderator

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    This is the website of one quiz team where I am a "backup member". Its name "Neljap?ev" means "Thursday". The other members are not yet tested it but if we will actively use it will have much more content.

    Fullscreen capture 2.02.2013 194444.bmp.jpg For each county-wide quiz contest in Rakvere (every 2nd Thursday) one or another team have to prepare questions. So the purpose of this website is to be a workflow and "memory keeper" for "Neljap?ev" team. If we are not too lazy and will save there the history of our contest then we are able to verify our ideas - if we haven't already asked it earlier.

    Non-members can of course see only the past, never the unimplemented ideas or upcoming contest data.

    Every member can post his ideas what to ask in our next game(s). When we approve the question with its answer we bind it to our upcoming contest (choosing the one from dbjoin dropdown).

    The form contains question and answer part. As answer may contain more than one element (people, things etc) the answer part is a joined repeated group.

    kysimuse_vorm.jpg Question has dbjoin dropdown binding it to the contest, textarea for question text, fileupload element for images or audio and a calc element combining both text and image/audio link. Plus yes/no element (whether it is an additional question or not). Plus order number that is not editable but will changed when the questions will be dragged to their right order in table view (table order plugin).

    The answer element itself contains "who-what-where" part (dbjoin dropdown with add new button), simple fact part (field element) and, like the question part, it has also the combining field (calc element).

    When logged in, the questions and answers are looking like this in table view. there you see also how the calc element can combine fields:
    (up-down arrows are for reordering, KUULA means LISTEN)

    If we don't have a needed person or thing in our database, we can add it. The form contains fields specific for person (as first and last name), simple fields for things and numbers and combining field.

    We can also search the existing "who-what-wheres" in table (list) view and see the questions about him/here/it. Non-member can see only the questions of past games.

    There is also a special view for printout (can't yet show). There are 42 questions in quiz contest, printout view divides them into 6 pages and so the team can print 6 x 7 sheets for distribution to the contesting teams.


    What is why in header?
    Pictures of Petrov-Vodkin works means that this painter is our team's favorite one in questions about art :)
    But the fish? In Sovietunion (incl. occupied Estonia) - whatever reason it had, Thursday was a contrywide "fishday" in school/factory/military canteens. Stupid, but fun :)
  2. BruceMP

    BruceMP New Member

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    Great job, it was great hanging out with the Team. Glad to finally meet you guys

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