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Redirect and End of form submission

Discussion in 'Community' started by mirceat, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. mirceat

    mirceat Member

    Level: Community

    Following this thread (http://fabrikar.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17403) i'm able to generate a pdf file using Run PHP plugin and "End of submission form" option.

    My problem is that user is not redirect to table after press submit. I try to add an redirect plugin but it doesn't work, user remain in form.

    Can i redirect user back to table and also download pdf file?

    Thank you
  2. mirceat

    mirceat Member

    Level: Community
    so, it's not possible?
  3. mirceat

    mirceat Member

    Level: Community
    Unfortunately, i have to ask again about the possibility to redirect user to table after press submit and generate a pdf file. It is possible? The biggest problem is that if i don't redirect user to table and he press Submit again, he will duplicate same information.
  4. peamak

    peamak Moderator

    Level: Community
    Please, do not ask for help by PM. You're lucky I even saw it ;)

    Did you try genberating your PDF "onBeforeCalculations" and then using the redirect plugin?

    Otherwise you could redirect yourself in your PHP file that generates the PDF. At the end of your script put something like

    $app =& JFactory::getApplication();
  5. mirceat

    mirceat Member

    Level: Community
    Sorry about that and thank you

    Unfortunately, i tried both options and it doesn't work; i put your code after and before exit; before exit; it redirect me to table but it doesn't generate pdf file -same for redirect in form; after exit; it generate pdf file but doesn't redirect to table

    Should i add this code anywhere else in page?

    This is the code i use:

  6. migsby

    migsby New Member

    Level: Standard
    is that the exact code you used? I dont think you want the


    in there. The app will stop at exit; and RunPHP does not want ?>
  7. mirceat

    mirceat Member

    Level: Community
    I removed the exit;?> part but then i was unable to generate pdf file

    Can you please post your final lines of code? I don't know what i'm doing wrong
  8. mirceat

    mirceat Member

    Level: Community
    Any other ideas, please?

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