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repeat fileupload branch now merged into trunk

Discussion in 'Code Announcements' started by rob, May 26, 2011.

  1. rob Administrator

    Level: Community
    Context: From revision 5192 onwards

    We've just in the process of committing some serious changes and features to the fileupload element.

    You now have the option to use an Ajax based fileupload widget (www.plupload.com) which allows for multiple file uploads.

    In addition to this we have a new tool which allows you to scale/rotate and crop the image. (This replaces the previous crop options which were to say the least slightly feature lacking) Cropped images look really smart when viewed in a table view - see here for an example http://www.parkkolderiek.nl/programma

    When storing multiple files, a new database table is created so that each file is stored in its own row. This has the advantage of making it a snap to build galleries and other visualizations from your uploaded image data.

    The changes under the hood to allow this, should also open up the possibility to implement multiple selects for database join elements (although no work has gone on yet towards implementing that)

    We'd like to give a big shout out to futuron.net who have financially supported the work that has gone into this feature.

    As this is a large change we expect there to be some teething troubles, so please install and test on a dev site before updating your live site.

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  2. cheesegrits Support Gopher

    Level: Community
    Just to add a few comments ...

    This is the 'repeat_elements' branch which has been in the SVN branches folder for a while. We've been running it for many months on a number of live sites (including fabrikar.com), and are reasonably confident in the code.

    So we're not just throwing un-tested code at you. However, as Rob says, due to the "under the hood" changes, there will be some shaking down to do.

    The good news, other than the great new upload element features, is that this opens the door for us to make some other major improvements to Fabrik, to do with the way we store and handle repeat data in general. Anyone who has done any serious Fabrik custom work knows that the way we currently handle (non joined) repeat data is, well, a little cumbersome. Our intent is to make all repeat data use joined tables, rather than storing multiple repeated values in a single field using foo///..*..//bar separation.

    So please bear with us while we shake the inevitable bugs out of this initial merge of the repeat_elements branch with our main trunk code.

    -- hugh
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