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  2. IMPORTANT NOTE - we have made some changes in our github branch naming. The 'master' branch no longer exists, and is now called 'joomla25' (which is Fabrik 3.0). The 'joomla3' branch (which is Fabrik 3.2) remains unchanged. We have also removed all the other testing branches which had accuulated over the last few years. I have posted a thread in the Community forum for 3.0 with some more information, feel free to as questions there.

require_once() Failed opening required . . .

Discussion in 'Fabrik 2.0 Beta Testing' started by cleone, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. cleone New Member

    Level: Standard

    I have been getting a slew of these type of errors. Mostly in the form/view templates and plugins. The actual template or plug-in displaying these errors changes some times with subsequent SVN revisions. I am currently running SVN 329 and getting:

    Warning: plgContentFabrik::require_once(components/com_fabrik/controller.php) [function.plgContentFabrik-require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /vservers/petslistcom/htdocs/plugins/content/fabrik.php on line 148

    Fatal error: plgContentFabrik::require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'components/com_fabrik/controller.php' (include_path='.;c:\php\includes') in /vservers/petslistcom/htdocs/plugins/content/fabrik.php on line 148

    Appears to be a relative path issue.

    For the templates, I have been creating my own version of the templates based on the "default" template and hard coding the full path to the specified .php file.

    Is this a know issue or do I need to modify something on my PHP config?

    Chris Leone
  2. rob Administrator

    Level: Community

    Try updating from the SVN now, to see if things work ok for you.
    What full paths are you hardcoding in the template?

  3. cleone New Member

    Level: Standard
    Just did. Still fails.

    Reviewing the plugins/content/fabrik.php file, it appears that the line:


    is still relative pathed. The require_once()'s before it are all fully qualified. Example:


  4. rob Administrator

    Level: Community
    ahh missed that one.
    Try now?
  5. cleone New Member

    Level: Standard
    That's the ticket. Fixed.

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