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Retrieve values from db using JS

Discussion in 'Community' started by andre00silva, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. andre00silva

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    I'm my list "Pedidos de Orçamento" I have a php button which, when clicked, inserts into my "Orçamentos" list the respective row values (which are quotation requests and in the moment the button is pressed, they become quotations too). This button also creates a new dir and a new excel file inside of it in a specific path (moldes/Molde_{table_name___id}/Orcamento161.xlsm). Every quotation request excel file path is stored in my list "Settings" which has some elements: "file_name", "file_path" and an inner join with the "Pedidos de Orçamento" ... etc.
    In the list "Orçamentos" I have another php button with an excel logo that allows, when clicked, to open the excel file using JS:

    Code (Text):
    jQuery.each(rows, function(rowid, row) {

    The problem is, I can't seem to retrieve the values of that list. Using this I can only retrieve the values of the list "Orçamentos"... When I do this that you're seeing, the path becomes "unavailable/unavailable". How can I retrieve those values from the db and use them in the link?
  2. andre00silva

    andre00silva Member

    Level: Community
    friendly bump :)

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