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Discussion in 'Community' started by Sophist, Jan 6, 2018.

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    Dear Community members

    If, as I do, you recognise the benefit you gain from this free software, and if you have the desire and time available to give something back in return, then why not help Hugh out by making code or Wiki contributions to the Fabrik project.

    1. The Wiki is in need of some real TLC. Many of its entries are outdated - with Fabrik 2.5 images, or failing to explain that the functionality has been deprecated or no longer works. There are lots of entries which are essentially empty (identified with a + symbol against the title). And I am sure that many of us have gone through learning curves to work out (sometimes by trial and error) how to achieve certain functionality, and the Wiki could really benefit from more examples so that other users don't have to repeat the same learning curve.

    2. Hugh is working his socks off bringing the core of Fabrik to a new level of quality to work with the upcoming Joomla 4, and doing his best to answer the Pro Sub, Standard Sub and Community questions that we are all asking. Which means he doesn't have the time to code smaller enhancements, to fix small bugs, to review community PRs or to keep some of the non-core plugins working. This is a great opportunity for the community to help out, and I have created a Wiki Wishlist page as a means of capturing the things that need doing. If you have the time and inclination, please add any items you want to see done to this list or tag items you want to work on with your name.

    Many thanks.


    (P.S. I am a community member like any other and not a Fabrikar or Media A-Team employee. This is a genuine call for support from another community member and not written or prompted by Fabrikar in any way.)
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  3. Sophist

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    Please go ahead and do your worst!! :)
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    Please be aware that I have a significant PR in for isgreaterorlessthan, so you might want to hold off a few days on that one.

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