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Sharing file upload data between two databases

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by uktran, May 17, 2017.

  1. uktran

    uktran Member

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    I have two joomla/fabrik installs on the same server. I am trying to grant (read only) access to a table to users in the other database.

    Currently I am using a mysql view to create a mirrored table in the other database, which works okay, except of course that the 'other' users can't download files from the upload element column. (which needs to use download script ideally).

    Would one option might be to add a database connection? I've never used these and vaguely remember being warned against this feature? Is it okay to use for this purpose? Would it break the file paths? Is it read only or editable both way?

    Another option I thought might be using S3 uploads as to use full paths, but I couldn't get this to work with the download script for some reason. Also I have 1000s of records that use the old file system paths in the same column and it's not a simple job to transfer the files to S3 and recreate the links.

    Finally, I thought perhaps a cron to replicate the table data might work and I treat it like native data? However, this would just be a snapshot, which is not ideal. Also I'm not sure if the paths (or linked parths) would work with the download script?
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  2. uktran

    uktran Member

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    Solved now. Managed to get this working with a simple folder ../ so concat("../otherroot/", table)

    I also got the connection working but user prefilters did not work for some reason so resorted back to the above.
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