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Show Fields as Read-Only on Read-Only Form

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by RWalters, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. RWalters

    RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    Currently, if you set a form to be read-only for guests (must be registered to submit), when they navigate to the form page and its compiled, it shows the labels but no fields...a generic read-only mode.

    It would be nice to show the form as it looks for registered users, just having all the fields greyed out like current read-only fields and don't display the 'FabrikAction' submit button. :)

    Does this make sense?

    So the form looks the same either way - but - for guests, each field is greyed out as read-only and no submit button...but the look is the same, rather than just show labels to guests.
  2. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Supporter
    Yeah, it makes sense. Kinda.

    So you are talking about if the ACL settings on the table (add/edit rows) prevents editing, rather than if view=details is used explicitly?

    Remembering that certain elements behave totally differently in edit mode than in view only (view=details) mode. Like the file upload element. Or the map element.

    So essentially what you are proposing is a three tiered rendering approach for forms:

    view=form with permission, i.e. edit
    view=form no permissions, i.e. read only
    view=details, view only

    -- hugh
  3. RWalters

    RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    Nice, "three tiered approach!" ...more elequent than I had planned, but that sounds good (but complicated). :)

    But yea, that's the ticket...just to show some fields and how the form looks when logged in, just no access to the elements. This way, the form looks like a form and not just a few lables bunched up.

    But sounds like it may be more trouble than it's worth. :)
  4. RWalters

    RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    Let's bug Uncle Rob to show some greyed-out fields on a form permission read-only (for unregistered clowns). :)
  5. RWalters

    RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    Actually, after trying to make a custom form background work with all three, I think a simple one-tier approach works best: show the fields at all times, greyed out when read-only. :)

    I style a nice looking form with a nice background, then click on the form when not logged in (read-only form), and it is all bunched up and looks like crap...detailed view shows the same thing.

    If all views showed actual form fields, since these are forms, after all, it would look consistent across all views....no? :)
  6. RWalters

    RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    Uncle Rob? Your thoughts? Show read-only greyed-out fields when form is read-only instead of just showing the labels? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? I can't be the only one who thinks this is oversight, no? :)
  7. toddski07

    toddski07 New Member

    Level: Community
    I absolutely 99.9% agree with you. If a field is read-only then you should still show it as read-only/greyed out. It would be different if you could indicate that the field was NOT available for unregistered users...then in that situation it should not appear. But if something is read-only in Fabrik for unregistered users YES the label and value should still appear on the form when they view it.

    Here is an example in case Rob needs more convincing....

    A website has a 'sales request' form that is available on their site. They have registered users as well as unregistered users that can fill out the form and submit it. (All fields are the same so I do not need two duplicate forms.) One of the fields is to direct to which sales department the request should be assigned to. Registered users can select from the dropdown an appropriate department where as unregistered users are AUTOMATICALLY assigned to a particular value (IE. General Sales) and they can not change this selection. The form for unregistered users should still show 'DEPARTMENT: General Sales' as read only on it. Only having it say the label 'DEPARTMENT: ' with no value doesn't seem right.

    Maybe I am thinking about this the wrong way but I don't understand why you would not show the read only label and values on the form. Rob, can you shed a little light on this matter and perhaps we can all have some additional dialog.

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  8. RWalters

    RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    I am going to roll up my sleeves today and see how the read-only fields are compiled and see if I can make this happen...can't be but a few lines to show read-only at all times, else active fields when permissions are met. ;)
  9. RWalters

    RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    I'm going to unroll my sleeves and wait until the 'day shift' chimes in...seems more like oversight and not a feature request, so perhaps the 'new feature' freeze isn't applicable in this case. ;)
  10. toddski07

    toddski07 New Member

    Level: Community
    Well I hope Rob considers this request because I feel like it is an oversight and a behavior that should be corrected....unless I am misunderstanding how it is supposed to work.
  11. RWalters

    RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
  12. RWalters

    RWalters Beta Tester Extraordinaire

    Level: Community
    Gaining traction...keep the votes coming, guys! :)
  13. rob

    rob Administrator Staff Member

    Level: Community
    i kinda see the issue, but looking at the code its going to be fairly tricky to do this for 2.0, probably more of a 2.1 issue. Keep voting though as I do look at the uservoice list and try to prioritse accordingly


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